Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

Instead of reminiscing and waxing poetic about the past year, I thought I’d just pick my favorite post from each month and link to it.  OH—and I have three posts scheduled to post tomorrow that are SO MUCH FUN!!!!  Including our big announcement (if, you know, you don’t already know)…I could post them today, but it seemed so fun to leave it until the new year :)

January: Shannon’s Shower—preparing for sweet Theodore last December, and all the fun pictures that went with it.

February:Stopping Drug Abuse…One cold medication at a time—all about getting carded at CVS for buying Dayquil.

March: Theodore—For obvious reasons (Shannon—can you believe he was this small?  Less than a year ago?)

Aprtil: Oliver—some pictures of baby Ollie (or “our firstborn son” back in April—he’s going to be a good big brother)

May: 5 Days—The random things I had to say when we were down to our last few days of school.  It reminds me of the things I like about my job.

June: Anniversary Outtakes—the outtakes from our photo shoot with Lauren…..I picked these over the good ones because this is what life really looks like around here :)

July: For our future children—A post where I informed our future children what their wardrobes will look like.  I was off birth control and my baby radar was going crazy, but of course I couldn’t tell anyone that.  You had better believe I have a little shopping cart ready at GAP and Old Navy….unfortunately, I’m not allowed any unnecessary spending for the next month (to pay for my teeth without dipping into savings)….so it will have to sit and wait.

August: Why I puffy heart love high school students—A post written just before the start of the school year, and a good reminder to me now as I am having a serious attitude about going back to work on Monday.

September: Lollie Ollie—because I didn’t do much of anything in September except make it through the day and throw up lots.

October: Our Lovely Weekend—because any weekend spent with Jon and Carrie is bound to be a favorite….and October looked a lot like September

November: The Part Where we find out—because it’s my favorite of all of the ‘we’re having a baby posts’ and a really honest glimpse into life in our little zoo

December: The Hard Kind of Days—because this is something I need to be reminded of constantly.

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