Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Chronicles, Chapter 3: The Part where we find out

The plan all along was to see if I started today and if I didn’t, to get a test at Target this weekend.  Heck, there was even a 5 dollar off coupon for an EPT test in the paper last weekend.  You better believe I clipped that puppy.

See, I wanted to wait.  There was no way in heck I was purchasing one of those things anywhere in this county.  The hills have eyes, and mouths, and word would have been back at school before the stick turned blue.

Andy, however, does not have those qualms.  And when I got home from the dentist tonight, he shoved the Walgreens bag in my hand and told me to go pee.

Because we’re classy like that.

As we headed back the bathroom, he was praying.  And I was shouting, “Are you seriously going to make me find out if I’m carrying my first child with a numb face from getting two cavities filled?  Really.”

Because I’m classy like that.

So I took the test with my husband sitting on the side of the shower.  We have no boundaries, apparently.  I made a mess and peed all over myself.  There is no dignity in those things.

The stick turned blue.  Like immediately.  I pulled it out and looked right at it and said, “I think it says I’m pregnant.”

We laughed, we kissed, we told Oliver and just acted like general fools.

Then later, Andy shouted into the kitchen, “My parts work!  And so do yours!”

Because he’s classy like that.

We came up with an elaborate scheme to tell our parents.  I don’t think mine figured it out.  Andy’s mom knew before he said five words.  She’s been sworn to secrecy.

I called my sister.  Because someone had to know.  And I wanted Lauren to be the first.

We went for a long walk tonight, our little family of three, and thought to the future.  The part where next fall when we do this, we’ll have a sweet little stroller and Ollie will have a baby brother or sister.  And it was weird.  Weird, good.  But weird.  There is a baby the size of a poppy seed inside of me.  Blows my stinking mind.

I’m having a baby.  Andy Cook and I are going to be parents.

September 14, 2010


Margo said...

I love this! It's so typical Ashley and Andy and the way I would picture it to go! I'm also glad the baby news is out! :)

Anonymous said...

Classy, very classy