Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful List

Today, I am thankful for so many reasons….

….for a God who never fails.  Who stops my brain from spiraling into crazy on a normal morning drive with the blessing of a beautiful sunrise, a pink sky,  and a reminder on the radio that “Your Grace is Enough”

…for a husband who loves me and wants to serve me in whatever way he can

…for a house that keeps us safe and warm…a house that I might even be starting to love after three long years

…for parents who blessed me with an incredible childhood

…for a husband who is learning more about my childhood than ever before, and says, “The more I hear about the kind of dad your dad was, the more I think I want to be that kind of dad to our baby.”  It makes me cry a little because I think everyone should have a dad like my dad

…for a puppy who makes blanket folding an Olympic sport and has mastered the art of the perfect snuggle

…for incredible friends from every stage of life….friends who will stay friends for all my life

…for friends who love us, who want to share life with us, and who will be there for us through anything

…for a sister who is the other half of my brain

…for the world’s most kind, generous, and wonderful in-laws.  I truly married into an incredible family.

…for an extended family that I not only know, but that who were truly a part of my life growing up….I didn’t realize how rare that was

…for a job where my principal exhorts our students to show character before a big rivalry game

…for students who desperately want to know everything about the baby, how I’m feeling, and want to help name the baby (that part is more funny)

---for simple pleasures like peppermint tea, chicken pot pie, chocolate, a good book, a long nap, and so many more

…for the baby growing inside, currently making me look like I am in serious need of some Lipozene (I think that’s the belly fat commercial furnwe used to laugh over in college)

…more seriously, for the baby.  The little child who will rock our worlds and change everything.  Oh the excitement!

…and  on the frivolous side, for IKEA and the Swedish home  furniture I will get to see and purchase next weekend.  I can’t wait!

…and our kitchen, which will nearly be complete soon (I can’t wait to post the after pictures)

…and the living room, too….as soon as I hang wall art and grab a short bookshelf (possible reasons I’m starting to love our house :))



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