Sunday, November 21, 2010


I love having lunch with friends.  Especially on Sundays.  It’s kind of my favorite thing in the whole world.  Or mostly in the whole world.

Today was no exception—we had the very best time at lunch with friends (and it made me super excited to go with these particular friends to IKEA in two weekends).

But this isn’t about lunch.  This is  about me, being a mess.

When I finished ordering,  my lunch, I quickly began micromanaging Andy’s order (I really wanted his cole slaw.  I don’t even like cole slaw.  But I wanted it today).

M jokingly told the waitress to go ahead and add a side of pickles to my order.

To which I replied, “I already ate two jars this week.  By myself.”

I think I am having a love affair with salt.

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