Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

We are home, and it’s good to be here.

This Thanksgiving did not go according to plan, but in the end, it was nice.  It was good.  And I still kind of liked it.

We left here Thursday morning to go to Andy’s parents’ house.  We had lunch (much later than pregnant girl would have liked :)) and it was so yummy.  Andy’s parents don’t like turkey, so they always make a chicken.  To be honest, I didn’t eat any meat this year.  I just did sides.  It was all that really sounded good.  I think I ate a quarter of the broccoli cheese casserole myself.  It’s my favorite thing Andy’s mom makes.

We spent Thursday afternoon just hanging out and talking and watching the dogs chase each other (okay, really, watching Oliver bully Keegan).  We went to visit Andy’s grandpa at the nursing home, and Andy teased him with his horrible baby name choices.

On Friday, Andy woke up pretty sick.  He started coughing in the middle of the night, and even the Mucinex and Advil I got him at 3 am weren’t helping too much.  I was up pretty much from 3 on because I couldn’t get back to sleep (I think I may have dozed a bit).  I got up at 5 and took Andy’s parents’ dog to the bathroom and fed him (he was scratching our bedroom door to see Oliver).  I do think I slept for about 45 minutes then as one of the dogs snuggled with me. 

That day, despite being sick, Andy helped his dad prepare for fireplace installation.  His parents built a new room on their house that was finished two Christmases ago, and the plan has always been to finish that room with a fireplace.  It has now been ordered and should be delivered in two weeks.  Andy and his dad cut out the brick and built the box for the fireplace to sit in the garage.  They worked on that basically all day.

While they did that, Andy’s mom and I did some shopping.  We went to Macys and a Target and were fairly unimpressed with both.  Then later in the day, I realized (after talking to my sister who was carrying on quite a conversation about underwear with me on her cell phone in a completely different Target in a completely different city) that I really wanted to get something at Target.  So we went to other Target.  Because there are two within five minutes of my in-laws house.  Color me green with envy.  We had much better luck at the second Target.  I found the thing I was looking for, medication for sick husband, Tums for my heartburn, and I discovered that Target now carries Mrs. Meyers cleaning products, which totally made me jump up and down for joy right in the middle of the aisle.  Seriously.

Friday night Andy’s sickness really kicked in.  His temperature was 101.7 and he could not warm.  He lay on the sofa and just shook with cold no matter how many layers we got on him.    He went to bed, I slept on the sofa.

When we got up the next morning (after a night of having various dogs jump on me at various times) Andy’s fever was still high.  It was then that we decided that we couldn’t go on up to my mom and dad’s house.  Broke my heart.  I miss my mommy and daddy.  The only thing that made it so I could handle it was knowing that we had just been there two weeks ago, and I’ll be back in a few weeks.

Andy went to the urgent care place and got a prescription.  He basically slept all day.  Like really.  I can’t really remember anything about yesterday.  I think it involved lots of watching the dogs and television.  I know we went to Jimmy Johns while his parents went to see CATS at Butler.  That’s about it.

After sleeping on the sofa again, and being attacked by dogs again, we got to today.  Andy started to almost rejoin the land of the living.  He helped his dad finish up in the garage.  I helped his mom do her Christmas shopping online.  Oliver started to act like a butthead.  He growled at me today for the first time ever in his life.  I think he was stressed out and ready to get home.  He didn’t sleep well or get too many naps this weekend, and I’m pretty sure his fun meter was pegged.  We headed for home this afternoon, and made two stops.  One for sushi (I only eat the cooked rolls, it’s totally fine) and once at Starbucks for the best peppermint mocha I’ve had in years.  Also, do you know that Starbucks offers a pup cup?  It’s a sample sized cup with whipped cream.  I have never seen Ollie dogs so excited in his life.  He licked every bit of whipped cream out of that thing and then proceeded to lick anything else in sight.  He was thrilled.

Now we’re home, doing laundry, getting unpacked, and relaxing.  I think I’ll start getting our Christmas decorations out this week, but not tonight.  Tonight, I just want to enjoy being at home.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you all made it home safely~! Double up on the vitmin c.I think you and Andy would have enjoyed talking with Vanessa about her and your trips to Germany. Christmas eve here Lvy