Tuesday, December 30, 2008

101 in more than 1001

So I have seen the idea of accomplishing 101 goals in 1001 days, which is 2.75 years, and I liked it. But I'm going to round up to an even three years. I have been thinking about these off and on for the past few days, and I finally nailed down my list. Of course, in that time I have gained the ability to watch Gilmore Girls from my bed, so who knows if I'll be able to accomplish any goals now. I told Andy yesterday that I didn't need to get out of bed anymore. I'm also not super concerned about doing everything perfectly. A lot of these things have daily/weekly/monthly tags attached to them, and I have chosen to give myself grace if I can't do something everything every day/week/month. So without further ado, here they are:

Goals for myself:

1. Read for pleasure daily

2. Find out how to properly wear make-up

3. Wear lipstick nearly daily

4. Develop a skin-care/beauty regimen

5. Make a wishlist for my birthday/Christmas--give poor Andy some ideas instead of always saying, "Oh, I don't know"

6. Reread at least five of my childhood favorite books

7. Send out a Christmas card

8. Wear my perfume nearly daily--I so want to have a "scent"

9. Keep a good smelling house--thank you to the folks at Scentsy and Yankee Candle!

10. Develop photography skills

11. Visit IMA yearly

12. See some sort of show each year

13. Vacation with my family

14. Vacation with Andy's family

15. Read 50 books a year (45/150)

16. Make at least ten of those non-fiction (10/30)

17. Purchase four "investment" pieces for my wardrobe--boots, good dress, black pants, jeans

18. Relax at the end of each day

19. Go on a girls only trip

20. Have family photos taken

21. Update and keep updated our photo albums

22. Take 2 bubble baths each month (7/72)

23. Spend a whole day in my pajamas and don't feel guilty about it

24. Get ahead and stay ahead at school

25. Get my lesson ideas organized for the next school year during the summer--lay out a basic plan

26. Keep a calendar

For my spiritual growth:

27. Read the Bible daily

28. Finish Bible in a Year plan

29. Read Bible chronologically (in the the order things happened)

30. Complete five in-depth Bible studies

31. Pray for others when I say I will

32. Pray for specific things (people, ministries, events)

33. Be open and honest about where I'm at in life

34. Pray Scripture over Andy

35. Memorize two verses each month (4/72)

36. Take notes over sermons, review them during week

For my marriage:

37. Have a date night once a month

38. Speak only encouraging words about Andy to others

39. Try a new recipe once a month (8/36)

40. Pray daily for our marriage

41. Tell Andy I love him every day

42. Smooch every day

43. Walk together hand-in-hand once a month (2/36)

44. Tackle a home renovation project together (learning patience) --BATHROOM

45. Go on vacation together

For my wallet:

46. Plan our meals (I recently rediscovered a favorite tool of mine--Kraft Foods 1 bag, 5 meals...it tells you what you need for a week's worth of food)

47. Use coupons/sale ads

48. Save my change for the next three years

49. Be diligent in saving/giving

50. Fully fund our emergency fund 4/17/09

51. Invest for retirement

52. Start paying off house quicker (I only labeled this one “start” we are now putting extra money on the mortgage each month

53. Save to replace our cars with cash

54. Make a grocery list, shop from it

55. Stick to my weekly spending plan

56. Always put back one item at the grocery store...I always have at least one item I don't need

For our house:

57. Collect crosses for a "cross wall" (if it happens in this house, it will be in the office)

58. Research housekeeping/homekeeping and develop these skills

59. Decorate for the different seasons

60. Clear out house 2x each year, donate unused items

61. Create a warm, welcoming environment

62. Rid our house of clutter, keep it clean and simple

63. Vacuum and dust each week

64. Paint the kitchen cabinets

65. Replace living room furniture

66. Buy new table and chairs (we were given a set to redo)

67. Only buy home accessories that I love

68. Read Home Sanctuary once a week

69. Set up a recycling center in our house--do better at recycling

70. Care for our flower beds in the spring, summer

71. Plant an herb garden on the back porch

72. Redo the bathroom to be more aesthetically pleasing3/09

73. Plant mums in the fall

74. Fill our home with music

75. Create a luxurious, cozy bedroom

76. Organize ideas for future projects

77. Set up a filing system

78. Clean out fridge weekly

For my health:

79. Work out twice a week

80. Drink five glasses of water each day

81. Be at my wedding weight at the end of three years

82. Be confident in a swimsuit

83. Eat more fruits/vegetables

84. Take vitamins daily

85. Be able to jog a 5K comfortably

86. Eliminate fast food for sixty days

For Others:

87. Write two letters a month

88. Talk to my sister once month

89. Mail my sister something each month

90. Adopt an Angel Tree family

91. Support Operation Christmas Child

92. Donate 10,000 grains of rice at freerice.com (3600/10000)

93. Find ways to encourage the missionaries we support

94. Send birthday and anniversary cards to friends and family

95. Make monthly trips to Hallmark or The Perfect Gift to find cards for friends, family

96. Invite others into our home at least twice a year (1/6)

97. Be intentional about gift giving

98. Keep an address book (to send cards :))

99. Find ways to serve our friends and family at least twice a year

100. Look for ways to serve strangers at least once a year

And the last one:

101. Be more focused and diligent

I'll be sure to let you know what sort of progress I'm making. I might just link to this post in the sidebar, and you can click on it as you please :)

Normal: Not done

Italics: In progress

Strikethrough: Finished

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