Monday, December 8, 2008

101 Reasons I'm a lousy wife

All right...I'm not actually going to list 101. But I probably could. And 37 could come from this weekend alone. Like not making chocolate chip cookies for a cookie exchange, when those are the only cookies A likes. Or nearly throwing down over this salad, because he doesn't like "weird things" in his lettuce. Or the rotten fit I threw Saturday night. Or not waking up when he was sick in the night. But the real reason comes down this--I have absolutely no idea what to get Andy for Christmas this year.

I know what he wants, and we intend to buy it after Christmas at sales. I'm sure he thinks that is plenty--but I want to find the perfect gift to give to my husband ON Christmas...not after Christmas when we go and pick it out together. I don't understand why it's so hard....I had my dad figured out weeks ago...I had to narrow down ideas for my mom and sister and his mom and sister. Giving gifts is so not an issue for me. Until it comes to Andy. The man wants for nothing. He is so un-materialistic it's crazy. I have a list of things I want 12 inches long, but not my husband. He's perfectly content. I realize I'm blowing this out of proportion. It's a good thing really. There is honestly no pressure on me....I just put it there unnecessarily.

Have you seen the gifts they have listed online as "great gifts for men?" Not for my man...I'll tell you that.

A multiple gadget power station? Oh wait...he never carries his cell phone, doesn't have a PDA or an iPod.

A personalized photo Rubik's cube? Who doesn't need one of those. Or a personalized branding iron for grilling? Woo-ee. That's hot stuff.

So here I sit...idea-less. Here's to hoping I figure something out soon!

What if I get him a toothpick and call it modern art? Would that work?

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