Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Highlights

We're back!  We just arrived home a bit ago...and sort of unpacked.  I like to get things to their location, but I'm not up to putting them totally away I do it in phases.  I had a whole post planned out in my head, but it required pictures, and I left my camera in Indy on the kitchen table of my favorite in-laws.  So I'll recap a few of my favorite moments from this sweet week away.

--Seeing the finished product of the construction at Andy's parents house.  They turned their front porch and living room into a huge new room--it's seriously fantastic.  It looks incredible, and they did nearly all the work themselves.

--Sweet times spent over a cup of coffee with my mother-in-law.  I could spend hours talking over coffee with her.  It's seriously my favorite thing.

--Getting my sister and sister-in-law obsessed with Twilight.  The vampires, they suck you in (oh the funny)

--Seeing family that I only see on Christmas (on both sides), catching up and laughing--oh the laughing.  I also learned that my grandpa recently watched Blades of Glory, which tickled me like no other.

--My dad addressing TWO of my Christmas gifts to Ashlee....that's the way the dog spells her name.  Not me.

--Shopping with mom, always a blast.  The frustration I felt when I realized that my dear cutie Smooch totally called the amount I would spend when I was shopping.  He so knows me.

--Spending a whole evening with Mariah and Shannon....I so enjoyed our time spent over breadsticks.  I love those girls--I love that we have been friends for so long that even when we see each other so infrequently we fall back into our old patterns, like we've been a part of each other's daily lives all along

--My marriage advice from my sweet great-grandma (I won't type it because it hurt my mom's feelings :)) and hearing her tell me that as people walk by they say, "Hi, Doe" and she thinks they are saying "Pie Dough"  Grandma Doe is where the funny's at.  She makes my bladder nearly explode.

There was so, so much more.  But I'm feeling a bit ADD and I can't focus.

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junesixth said...

I love any post that contains information abotu Grandma Doe. I won't, but I should invite her to my wedding.