Monday, December 8, 2008

My dream living room

I'm dreaming of room makeover.  Pretty big time.  I'm getting bored.  I want to repaint, and we need some new furniture.  I think it's time to start saving for replacements for our hand-me-downs.  Plus, that way, when Lauren graduates Purdue and goes to grad school, she can have some furniture--she will need the hand-me downs-then!

Here are some parts of my dream:

I'd love a rich, creamy goldeny yellow color--like these:

freshbutter Benjamin Moore Fresh Butter

goldenhoney Benjamin Moore Golden Honey

hawthorneyellow Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow

I'd love a nice gold/red/colored check for our curtains (I'd move the toile back to the guest room and redo it too)...something like this:


And I'm in love with this sectional from Penney's in olive (which totally looks like the Pottery Barn version...just a few grand less).  I would change up the pillows--playing up the golds, greens, and reds.  Probably some browns too.

And this sleeper chair--it looks like the perfect place for me to read.  In the red twill.  Or maybe the one that matches the sofa.

I'd leave my shelves on the wall--just change up some of the accents to meet red/gold/green combo.  Of course, they don't look like that now, even.  They have Christmas ornaments all over right now.

April08 383

I'd love to use these in some sort of decorative way on the wall:

(Multiple of all three colors, in some pattern--with some cream mixed in)


And some other fun pieces...

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