Thursday, November 4, 2010

Giving up on things

I recently discovered something that has been ridiculously liberating to me.  I can give up on things.

Not important things, clearly, like relationships, work, laundry, and the like.

But dumb, trivial things.

I can give up dumb things.

If I start to read a book and I think it starts out stupidly, I don’t have to read it.  I can read three pages and stop and take it back to the library.

If I’m watching a show and I don’t find it as interesting as I once thought, or I just don’t like it, perhaps because my tastes have changed or because it has changed, I can not watch.

Since we don’t have television, it’s easier for me to only watch the things I really want to watch.  I watch what I want on Hulu and Netflix, and that’s all.  I just cleared out my Hulu subscriptions.  I cancelled subscriptions to at least six different shows that just aren’t doing it for me anymore.  It was freeing.  There is only one show sitting in my Hulu queue right now.  That is awesome.  (I do have two shows to watch on the CBS website—but they are two long-standing favorites). 

Not wasting my time on things that I am only marginally interested in has opened up a whole new world.  I have more time for my husband, more time for sleep, more time to spend reading things that are really important.

It’s wonderful.  I’m a big fan.

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