Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Lovely Weekend.

I was a big fan of this weekend.  Well, mostly Saturday.  Friday and Sunday were just kind of eh.

Friday after school, I wasn’t feeling the best.  There’s a flu bug going around and last week was just hard.  I ended up sleeping most of the night.  Andy went to small group and to a birthday party for a friend from work, but I stayed home and slept.

On Saturday, I felt much better.  We cleaned the house together because the Harrises were coming from Louisville.  Well…we cleaned the rooms they would see.  It felt nice to have a picked up house.  It had been awhile.  I went ahead and ordered a few things from Crate and Barrel (a few storage containers to deal with my issues….and I found the perfect dresser substitute from World Market—and it’s on sale for half off…so I might order it later this week). 

Jon and Carrie came…and mercy had we ever missed them.  They brought a present—four packages of gluten free pasta and the gray and green lotus candle holders I wanted from Z Gallerie.  THEY ARE AWESOME!!!  (The candle holders and Jon and Carrie).  I can’t wait to put them to good use.  (the candle holders—not Jon and Carrie).

We watched a few episodes of The Office and Community together (both shows get exponentially funnier when you watch them with friends).  We stopped by the orchard to pick up some pumpkins and we went over to Jendys for pizza for dinner.  Andy was obsessed with the toy machine, which I will never understand.  We had the most ridiculous conversations at dinner, and it was just so much fun.  I was fairly certain they were never going to come back to hang out with us after dinner…but I think it got better later. 

After dinner, we went to the evil bad place with the initials WM because there is nowhere else in this town to buy paints and paintbrushes to paint pumpkins.  We wandered the toy aisle…I don’t really remember why, but I feel like Andy wanted a rocket engine so he could explode his pumpkin.  That might be wrong.  But I don’t think it is.

We came home and played with Ollie and painted our pumpkins.  Andy made a creepy face, Jon made a flying P for Purdue (representing on Homecoming weekend obvs), Carrie went with some cool all-over color effects, and I painted mine all white and covered it with polka dots in every color.  Then we walked into the park to see if people had bonfires (we didn’t know if the burn ban was lifted).  We saw many a fire….so we came home and had our own.  Eventually it got late and the fire wore down, and they sadly had to leave.  But it was so fun and so perfect.  Seriously

Yesterday, Andy was singing at church so I taught Sunday School.  Then I was scheduled to be in the preschool room all alone.  But I coerced one of our Sunday School girls to join me—and I’m glad I did because there were TEN kids in there.  TEN.  And I could have been all by myself.  I was worn out by the time we got home.  I decided in that moment that Kate Gosselin might be a ridiculous mess sometimes, but I will never judge her parenting.  I cannot imagine having all those kids all the time.  One hour did me in.

After church, it was a pretty relaxed day.  I watched some TV shows on Netflix, took a nap, and reluctantly graded papers until bed time.  Oliver learned how to turn the lamp in the living room on….so he randomly walked over and did it a few times (it’s got a button you push that’s on the floor).  And that’s about it.

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Rebecca said...

I feel your pain. I ended up covering a Wednesday night (hour and a half) of children's ministry once by myself (surprise! I thought I was doing junior high ministry that night). With eight kids. It was like Lord of the Flies in there.