Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today is the official start of Fall Break, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I already got to sleep in, snuggle with Ollie, and spend some time just hanging out.  I don’t have any big goals for today—I think I’m going to pick up the living room and kitchen, drink a cup of coffee with peppermint mocha creamer, go on a walk with Oliver, and “sew” or, you know, iron hem tape up up the two pillow covers in the living room.  Oliver and I want to get a few house projects done….I need to trim back the dead plants outside and maybe hang a few things (our house is a little to institutional right now because I have hanging anxiety problems).  All in all….a relaxing few days.  Just what I need.  Things have been chaotic, so a little rest will be perfect.

My relaxing today sounds just about perfect after yesterday.  I got summoned for jury duty.  I went in thinking it would be no big deal.  I was so wrong.

My first indication that it was going to be a long day was the line to check in.  It went out the door.  At 8:22….8 minutes before we were required to be there.  Our county courthouse was badly damaged in a fire a year and a half ago and is currently being renovated, so all court cases are being held in a variety of locations around town.  Yesterday we were at the local business center.  It took almost an hour before I got checked in and was able to take a seat.  The woman in front of me quickly realized that one of the men walking around was a judge from the county north of ours.  A little while later we saw two deputies from that county as well.

This wasn’t a local trial.  This was a change of venue trial.

Finally, around 10 in the morning, we were told what the trial was.  It was a murder trial.  A child abuse, neglect, and murder trial.  A trial for the murder of a five-year-old boy.  It was awful.

I was on the last page page of potential jurors, so I had to sit all day as they questioned person after person regarding this trial.  I wanted to be sick.  It was horrible.  When it was finally my turn (at about 3 that afternoon), they chose to strike me.  Probably for a lot of reasons.  I have never been so grateful in my whole life.  Especially after I came home and looked up the case.  People.  I could not have done it.  I would have fallen to pieces.  It’s a horrible case.  I hope that they are able to get the right jurors.  Truly, I am.  But I am glad I wasn’t one of them.

So after spending the whole day doing that yesterday, I am more than happy to play with fabric and snuggle a puppy and thank the Lord for giving me the life he has given me today. 

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