Monday, October 4, 2010

Why Ollie Dog is in T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Yesterday, my laptop died while on its charger.  It announced there was some sort of charger issue and quickly hibernated.  I did the logical thing given the situation—I yelled really loud for Andy to come.

He started to look at it, and quickly diagnosed the problem.

The charger had been chewed through.  In my defense, it wasn’t a very noticeable area.

In Ollie’s defense…He has none.

100 dollars later and Ollie is in some serious trouble. 

The next time my mom calls to threaten to send my dad down here, I might be willing to make a trade for a few days. 

The last time I checked, my dad didn’t poop in the kitchen or chew on cables. 

Sadly, I think she’d send Ollie back pretty quickly.  He’s cute, but he can be a handful.


Anonymous said...

ya think that happened in his 4hr.alone time?

Anonymous said...

Your dad is keeper tonight. He has dinner almost ready and I have soooooo much work to get ready for conferences tomorrow night and I am exhausted. Tell Ollie his cage is going to be his new home if he does not start behaving. Grandpa says so!!

Anonymous said...

My apartment complex actually accepts dogs so he can come visit me! -lk