Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A difference between Northern Indiana and Southern Indiana

There are plenty.  Believe me.  But this is one I recently discovered.

Last week, we were at a banquet, and one of the candidates for county sheriff was at our table.  He was telling us all about campaigning (the costs—mercy the costs) and going door to door.

He told us that sometimes when he goes to doors, especially to older people, they will ask what party ticket he’s running on.  When he tells them Republican, some of them shut the door in his face.

I had no idea.  Heck, where I grew up, I didn’t even know a Democrat existed.  I grew up in Quayle Country (even worked at the museum in college), a total Republican stronghold.  I think I was in college before I met my first self-proclaimed Democrat. 

And here, they’ll shut the door in your face for that kind of thing.

Who’da thunk it?


Anonymous said...

They just need an education. It is not the party its the qualifcation of the person always read up on the canidate.

Anonymous said...

You may have been married by this time, but do you remember when Dad had to search for someone that was a Democrat in the township and couldn't find one to take over as a board member? If I remember right the Democrats had to sign off on an approval for a Republican to take over because the county Democrat office didn't even know of somebody in the township.