Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Pictures

Things that make me happy today:

VND’s (Very Naughty Dogs…not Venereal Disease….I don’t think that’s too happy)

Naughty Dogs

SACS (Super Awesome Cleaning Supplies)

Cleaning Supplies

and FHS (Fun House Stuff)

Clockwise from the top: (Mail Basket and Key Bowl) (New Pillows) (Lotus Candle Holders—I have a special place in mind for the other gray one) (under table storage bins…there are three of those in the living room)

House Stuff

Also….not in a collage, but still fun: Grandma Doe’s radio cabinet (an old school radio that was gutted and turned into a cabinet) with all cookbooks and church/Sunday School/quiet time materials in the basket on the bottom.


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Anonymous said...

That radio is from the early forties had spinley legs and was operated by our car or tractor battery it was brought in and hooked up after being in the field all day.We could not afford two.Luv Gram