Friday, October 29, 2010

find,Wedding Ring Drama

Back in August, I lost my wedding band.  My engagement band was fine, but my wedding band disappeared.  I found it weeks later on the living room floor, in the carpet.  We are guessing Oliver was playing with it and dropped it there.

Then, last week, Andy lost his wedding band.  We had been to dinner at a really great local pizza place, and we originally thought he had lost it there.  Andy removes his wedding ring and glasses every time he eats (I have no idea why).  I called, but it wasn’t there.

So it had to be in our yard.  We had been playing in the leaves with Oliver, taking his picture.  Andy had a pile he and Jon had raked and they were digging and burrowing through it together.  He went out back to try to search through the leaves, but he couldn’t find it either.

So he ordered a new one.  A tungsten band that was like 40 dollars.  It arrived yesterday, and it was 2 sizes too big.

So he ordered another one.  And it arrived today.

And today, our UPS man, Greg, brought Andy his metal detector to borrow. (I know that sounds weird…but they talk often at Andy’s work)

And he found his original band.

So now Andy has three rings.  I think we’re going to return the really large one, but he’s thinking about keeping the new one that fits for days when his ring is too large.  He was wearing all three at once for a minute, and looked like a total loon.

So there’s our recent ring drama.

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Anonymous said...

Give yourself time your rings will make a groove around your finger and will not come off as easily, say fifty plus years!Luv ya