Friday, October 15, 2010

Current House Wishlist: Living Room Edition

My dad asked me the other day what I wanted for Christmas this year, and I started thinking about our house.  It’s a good little house, but it’s lacking some serious function and attractiveness.  And I started to think about what it would need to make it better for me.  And here’s a sampling of what I have come up with (Mom, Dad, I’ve included links—feel free to purchase any of these things for Christmas….or none at all :)).

In our living room, I think we need more storage.  I’d love a small dresser to store DVDs and BluRays (they are currently in another room entirely.  Something like this Pepe dresser from Target (which has handles that are similar to our tv stand).\pepe

We also need some baskets and storage containers.  This morning I determined we need a basket to go in the bottom shelf of my little cabinet from Grandma Doe’s to hold our Bibles and Sunday School stuff and quiet time materials, a basket for Ollie’s toys, a basket for magazines/books/reading materials, a basket for mail, a box for remotes, and a bowl for keys/wallets.  Here are few I had in mind (baskets from Target/IKEA) and bowl from Crate and Barrel (no picture).

targetbasket  ikeabasket  0109192_PE258824_S3 


And I would love this Dolce lounge chair from Target with a woven storage ottoman next to it (or pulled in front when needed).


Here are a few decorative pieces I would sell my left arm to have (I kid….I like my arm, but I do love these).

From West Elm (how cute is that bird—and only 10 dollars!):

 img4m img64m

And Z Gallerie (be still my heart):


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