Thursday, October 7, 2010


Oliver threw up in our bed this morning.  Andy stuck his arm in it.

I wore black shoes with brown pants.  And didn’t realize it until noon.

On the first day I ever decided to eat school lunch, the chicken tenders were undercooked.  Like really undercooked.  And my mashed potatoes had butter spots.  Like sunspots, just made of butter.

My computer shut down during my prep, rendering that period useless. 

When I got home, I discovered that young Oliver had eaten the book of Joel and a portion of Revelation from Andy’s Bible.

Is it bedtime yet?


Shannon E said...

Ok-you did not really eat school lunch today... I did too! Chicken nuggets! I have had a salad from the cafeteria today, but otherwise that was the first time I've eaten in there too.

And our school's power was going out, but they at least warned us before hand.

I think you may need to leave Oliver in his cage... Cori still loves hers. She sleeps in it all night even when we leave the door open to it.

Ashley said...

I think that Oliver needs to stay in his cage too...but I'm not the one who takes him to the bathroom at lunchtime.

Rebecca said...

Prophecy must taste good!