Monday, December 6, 2010

A few days…

It’s cold today.  Really, really cold.  Like I want a cup of hot chocolate and a warm cozy blanket and Christmas movies.  Sadly, we don’t have any hot chocolate, and B (Andy’s former Little Brother in the BBBS program, and now just 18 year old we love that hangs out with us on Monday) is here, so it’s  a horror movie night.  So I have to settle for the blanket and a bowl full of my mom’s cheeseburger casserole (it looks and sounds disgusting, and cannot be eaten more than once a year for fear of early heart failure, but man is it good and perfect for the first really frigid day of the year.

The last few days have been really eventful and fun.  But now I’m really tired.  Saturday day we went to Cincinnati with another couple.  IKEA+PF Changs+friends=the best day ever.  We bought the crib I wanted for the baby.  This week the little bean is the size of my college roommate Lauren’s favorite produce: the avocado.  And now our little avocado has a bed to sleep in.

70462_PE185759_S4 Photo from

While we were at IKEA, at one point we all walked in to look at a bathroom model.  As we were standing there, Martin said, “Um, guys, the four of us are standing in a bathroom together.”  After an awkward laugh from all, I said, “Well, I think we just took our relationship to a whole new level.”

Andy and I played a game at IKEA.  One of us would look at a set of models (like the kitchens…or the dining room tables…or the countertops) and guess which one the other would like best.  At one point I had looked at the next kitchen ahead and realized that it was Andy’s dream.  Dark wood cabinets, a few glass front cabinets, dark granite countertops, an undermount sink, and tons of counter space.  Our other favorite was an open concept with a great dining space attached and a separate closet pantry.  It was all white counters with a lot of display cabinets (Andy is seriously in love with glass front cabinets…and metal frames….and wood). 

We ended up with a lot of other stuff too, and you’ll see some of it in a few days.  I’m working on getting things hung in the living room, and once it’s all up, I’ll show you the updated living room. 

When we got back from Cincy, we had the small group Christmas party at church.  It was seriously a blast.  We had a taco salad dinner and a white elephant gift exchange.  This is what we came home with:


That’s right.  Our very own salon style hair dryer…from 1960something I’m sure.

It’s kind of awesome.  (Also…I don’t know that I look pregnant in this picture as much as I just look plump…oh sitting down pictures….)

Then yesterday we had lunch with a large group of friends after church, and Andy ended up with a small child in his lap partway through the meal.  I have yet to figure out where said child came from, since he just appeared under our table.  But man was he ever cute.  This little boy seriously loves my husband (he even ran up to the front of the sanctuary before church to talk to Andy while he set up the guitar for service).

Then last night I had dinner with a friend from school and a group of her friends and went to a jewelery showing.  The jewelery is handmade by a woman here in town who is friends with my coworker and she set out her stuff and let us come over and look and buy.  I got some seriously cute earrings and had a good time meeting some new people.  Then Andy and I hung shelves and blinds in the living room (and one in the kitchen).

Now, I have a horribly stuffy nose and itchy eyes and all I really want is a decongestant.  But alas, I don’t think I can take any.  And that was the weekend….now I need a nap to recover from all the fun stuff.

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