Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nursery Ideas Broken Down

Both ideas are basally the same.  So I’ll split it up where it’s needed.

The color (Valspar’s Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist):


I think we will do a cozy white rug  on the floor (in a modern shag or frieze)

Here are the furniture ideas (I really only need to buy the dresser and the storage baskets/ottoman—the chair and shelf are things we already own—Andy and I are notoriously cheap and like to use what we have).  Also…I used the wrong its and now I want to smack my own wrist with a ruler


The girl version is basically identical, with one major substitution—a girlier fabric for the crib skirt.  Both will probably just get a white crib sheet.  I haven’t picked a girl fabric yet.  The other changes will come with the accessories that I haven’t really figured out.  (toys, books,etc)

And the major wall/ceiling decorations.  We will go with bamboo blinds and full length white curtains.  Decoration will be worked in on the shelves (wall and book) in the form of toys, books, etc.


And my proposed budget (I’ll update later and see how I do)(I think I’ll strike out and keep track here for myself…and do an update post later on):

PAINT: $25 dollars at Lowes (I do have a gift card and a coupon…so this could be less) FREE w/ 5 dollar off Valspar coupon and gift card from our debit card points

STENCIL: $20 to get the supplies to make my own


CURTAINS: $20 from Target FREE w/ Gift card

BLINDS: $30 from Lowe’s

WALL SHELVES: Hopefully made by Andy’s dad…whatever supplies cost 7.46 project starter coupon and gift card from Andy’s birthday

POUF/LANTERN MOBILE: $15 for supplies to make (8.48 for lanterns)

CRIB: 100 dollars from IKEA (100 dollars)

DRESSER: 200 dollars from IKEA

KNOBS: 40 dollars from Anthropologie (I need to check Hobby Lobby and see if they have something I like for less)

BASKETS: 75 dollars at IKEA


OTTOMAN: 32 dollars Target ( 23 dollars from

CHAIR: FREE (belonged to one of Andy’s Grandparents)

SHEEPSKIN (for back of chair): FREE (have one from IKEA—stealing it from living room)

PILLOW:  13 dollars Target FREE with Christmas giftcard

CRIB SKIRT:30 dollars

RUG: 70 dollars at Target 40.00 after using gift card

CRIB MATTRESS: 50 dollars, Wal-Mart

LAMPS: 2 for a total of 50 dollars Amazon (40 dollars for two from

CHANGING PAD: 25ish dollars

SIDE TABLE FOR CHAIR: Free (a plant stand from my great grandma’s that Andy is refinishing)


All in all, I think we’re right at about 1000 dollars to redo the entire room.  That’s not terrible considering we needed a crib and all it’s jazz, we need a dresser/changing table (that will be the little turnip’s until he/she moves off to Purdue college), and that we really aren’t leaving anything in that room….we’re basically starting from scratch here  I was looking again at my favorite house blog, Young House Love, and they spent just over 700 dollars redoing their daughter’s nursery last spring, and they were gifted a few larger items, so I feel better about my thousand.  I’m hoping that by having this figured out early, the Lauren Keller method of planning ahead will work in my favor (which means that I’ll watch all of these things…and jump at any sale that I see pop up in the next few months to save some money).

In case you don’t know about the Lauren Keller method—my little sister knew about a year and a half in advance that she would be moving to Chicago this year, and compiled a spreadsheet listing every sing item she would need for living on her own for the first time (she was an RA at Purdue and never did apartment living, so she had nothing).  She then found every single item she would need at Target, Wal-Mart, IKEA, etc. and kept her list on my parents’ refrigerator.  Any time she found something from the list on sale (or my mom found it on sale) (or my dad found it on sale) (or it was a birthday/holiday and I needed to find a gift for her) she would cross it off the list.  When she left for Chicago this fall, she was way under budget and was able to furnish her little apartment with some great and cute stuff.  I was always impressed with her list….so this is my much smaller version

  I’ll keep you updated on my progress as I go. 

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