Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yesterday (or…lots of dumb things in one day)

So yesterday…was an interesting day.  Not really.  But sort of.  The early part of the day was fairly uninteresting.  I’m working on clearing out rooms, trying to get things in order, etc.  It’s a longer process than it should be because Andy is a pack rat and I’m an avoider.  As in, if things bother me, I just shut them off and avoid them.  Which I was doing with an entire room of our house.  So now…now I’m trying to get things together and having a bit of a breakdown over it (quite literally while Andy was home for lunch yesterday…complete and utter meltdown over the state of the house).

Then I had four cavities filled.  And it was awful.  It hurt.  It was uncomfortable.  I felt like I was drowning in a pit of saliva and there was spit running down my face nearly constantly.  And the numbing.  It didn’t take away all the pain, but it did take away my ability to move one half of my face for the next 6 hours.  Good times.

Then when I got home from the dentist at about 5:45, Andy told me that Oliver had knocked over the Christmas tree.  He (Andy) picked it up, but this is how he left it.  (Sorry the pictures are so bad…I was playing with the manual functions for the first time…I’m trying to break myself of my auto-shooting habits…but I really don’t know what I’m doing yet).

Camera Clean 12.22.10 1379  Camera Clean 12.22.10 1381 4 Camera Clean 12.22.10 1383

Yeah…that’s not how I left it.

Then we headed to Clarksville to finish our Christmas shopping.  On the way there, Andy said to me, “I thought you said we were done with Christmas shopping.”  I never said such words.  I knew I wasn’t done.  I’ve been freaking out for the last three weeks because I wasn’t done.  I told him that I had intended to finish on Dec. 2, after my last OB appointment, but he had scheduled a repairman to  come to the house that afternoon, so I couldn’t go. I don’t know where he’s been if he thought we were done. 

We had sushi at our regular restaurant, and our favorite manager was back.  He has been visiting family in India for the last four months and just returned to the US last week.  It was nice to see him and talk to him.  It was a MADHOUSE in there.  I would imagine that it was NOT a normal Tuesday night.  Andy kept making fun of my mouth and it’s inability to move the entire time we were there.  He would mirror my moves so I could see what it looked like when I had soup or a drink of water or tried to smile.  I stabbed him with a chopstick.  But not hard.  Just a love stab.  We also discovered that I can be fiercely protective and sort of hateful when people make fun of my people.  A girl at a table near us made a snotty face and mouthed the word, “Wow,” when she  was eavesdropping on a conversation between A and the manager.  My response (which was really not okay…I don’t recommend it) was less than polite.  When we left, Andy told me he really couldn’t believe I had said what I did.  It was very out of character for me.

We ran our errands and got what we needed (along with half of Clark county) and swore to have our Christmas shopping done earlier in the future.  We are not last minute shopping kind of people.  It was stressing me out.  And making me turn into all sorts of panicked and flipping out.  Then my husband (who was in rare form last night) asked me what we had gotten everyone.  And I told him.  And remember how yesterday I said my gift choices really stunk this year?  He agreed.   I believe his actual response was, “Oh, that’s what we got?”  And I told him he could do the shopping next year.  We had to pick out a birthday gift for his sister…and I don’t think he loved my choice there, either.  But it’s okay.  It’s practical, somewhat cute, and I never know what to buy for her.  It gets harder every year.  And besides, he kept trying to embarrass me at every turn….especially in the toilet paper aisle.

By this point, my numbing was wearing off and I was feeling the raw pain of four teeth that have been drilled.  My fun meter was pegged.  I wanted to go home and go to bed.  So to recap…the dumb things you shouldn’t try to do all at once: have four teeth drilled, then go out to eat; let a goofy husband try to fix the Christmas tree after the dog knocks it over; do Christmas shopping on Dec. 21; and really just don’t go shopping with Andy (I’m kidding on the last part, I promise…I love him dearly, even if he can be a total butthead sometimes).

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