Monday, December 13, 2010


-It’s the first snow day of the year.  I honestly don’t know how much snow there is…they called it last night because they were calling for “gusts of wind” and “blustery temperatures.”  I do love me some weathermen adjectives.  For real, yo.

-I’m whispering this because it’s likely to make several people angry, but the exciting thing about maternity leave at the end of the year is that I don’t have to make up the snow days that get tacked on.  My substitute will do that for me.  Isn’t he or she nice?

-I got a new pair of flannel pajama pants.  They are green and pink and oh-so-fun.  I just have one problem.  They are maternity pajama pants and I’m not big enough yet to hold them up….so they slide down my behind when I sit or bend over.

-Actually, all of my maternity pants do that.  It’s a constant battle.  I want to love them because of the friendly elastic waistband, but I’m afraid that sliding down the butt thing is just too much.

-Speaking of maternity clothes, did I tell you about my bounty?  I have an incredible wealth of maternity clothes.  And I paid for very few of them.  I bought a couple of things, but three sweet ladies in our church loaned me bags and bags worth of clothes.  It’s almost ridiculous how many maternity clothes I have sitting in the third bedroom.  So far, I’m only really wearing Mandy’s pants, but I’m sure as time goes on, I’ll be dipping into the rest.

-Mandy gave me the greatest compliment ever yesterday—she told me I look like I haven’t gained any weight at all—just the tiny little bump where baby lives. 

-One of my students told me on Friday that I was starting to look pregnant, and the rest of the class told him that was mean.  So we had a class discussion about how that wasn’t really mean at all, and that J was just thinking out loud.  If he had told me that I was starting to look fat, or like my butt was getting big, or that I was looking pregnant when I wasn’t, or that I had just increased exponentially in belly fat, any of those would have been mean.  But telling a pregnant woman that you are starting to be able to tell she’s pregnant—totally acceptable.

-I ordered paint samples for the baby’s room last week.  They were on sale for a dollar on the Valspar website last week (and they gave me a 5 dollar off coupon).  I’m forcing myself to get the room cleaned and cleared out before I put the paint on the wall.

-I think I need to do a post about my ideas for the baby’s room.  It’s coming together in my head.  I want to go fairly gender neutral, so there are only a few changes to be made when we find out if the baby is a boy or girl.

-I baked cookies for a cookie exchange yesterday (which may be cancelled for snow now).  I could not find my measuring cups, my mixer died, and our oven is horrible.  I melted down repeatedly during this process.  I yelled at Andy and at Oliver, and just got plain cranky.  I may have also quoted “Waiting for Guffman” and told the oven that I hate it and it’s ***face. 

-Our new oven and microwave are supposed to be delivered today, but we haven’t heard anything from Lowe’s.  I kind of want Andy to call them to check on it.

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