Saturday, December 18, 2010

It’s Christmas Break!

Christmas break is here!  Woohoo!  It’s my favorite break of the year—because I know that I get to see my mom and dad and sister for at least a few days.  It makes me very happy!

I was the mean teacher yesterday, the one who gives a test/assigns a speech/makes research drafts due right before break.  I know, right.  It wasn’t so bad, though.  The test was short, and I offered an extra credit assignment afterwards.  I wrote out an abbreviated version of Romeo and Juliet (I grabbed 25 of the kids favorite/most important lines) and assigned everyone a part…and they had to do it until they could say the whole thing in under 60 seconds.  It was stinking funny…and they got really into it.  My fourth period class got down to 59.1 seconds right before they had to leave—and they cheered so loudly that BOTH teachers in my hallway heard it.  The speech kids had to give a speech about their best/worst holiday memory or favorite tradition.  It was a lot of fun to hear (mostly) and I lear.ned a LOT about their families in a brief one-minute speech. 

I have some big plans for my break…hehe.  Not really.  I do, but they aren’t that big.  I want to get the nursery cleared out and painted. I need to see if the Goodwill does pickups or if we can borrow a truck from a friend to get rid of all of the stuff that won’t fit in our house (when you are giving up a whole room, you suddenly become very quick to part with things that you really don’t need).  Then I want to get the room painted.  I might try to make my stencil and get the supplies to work on it.  I need to run to Clarksville and finish my Christmas shopping (and birthday—Andy’s mom and sister).  Andy will want to put the crib up.  I might start arranging some of the furniture in the baby’s room.  And I think we might try to finish our bathroom up.  We have a new faucet and mirror to hang….so we may run to buy a new bathroom counter/sink (ours has never looked clean since we moved in…it’s gross) and install that.  Then I’m going to paint the room to match the kitchen/LR/hallway/eventually office once I’m done in the baby’s room and can paint another room and paint the vanity white (it’s currently a lovely shade of peeling laminate (aka cardboard).

So that’s my next two weeks (minus the five-ish days spent with family—that’s the really fun part). 

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Shannon E said...

Are you planning on having a bassinette/cradle for the first months? Andy getting the crib up now amazes me... B didn't put up T's Ikea crib until he was about 4 months old.

We still have three more days of school. Shortest break ever. I wasn't mad about it until I'm hearing so many other districts are already out. :(

Also, was wondering how your maternity leave is going to work out... will you get it all paid?

Lastly, I know M. was talking about really hoping to see you next week sometime... do you think that's going to happen?