Tuesday, December 21, 2010


-This Christmas break business is just kind of eh so far.  I really need to clean, but I don’t want to, so I’m just kind of lost and wandering.

-I have to get four cavities filled today.  One more appointment and I’ll be all done with my dental torture…until my 6 month cleaning in February.  I’m thankful  that I can get all of this done this year, when I have my Section 125 plan and can get medical reimbursements.

-I taught Oliver to drink water from a glass.  He licks it out.  I think it’s hilarious.  Andy doesn’t.

-Speaking of Oliver, he loves National Geographic animal documentaries.  He’s enthralled by them.  We watched “The Science of Dogs” and he stood right up to the tv, with his front paws on the tv stand watching.  He REALLY loved the baby hyenas on the lions/hyenas documentary we watched the other night.  He barked at the little hyenas and jumped up on the tv stand to get near them.  I told Andy later that we probably should have stopped him, but we were both laughing so hard neither of us could.  This might be a bad sign for things to come.

-I just saw on the IKEA website that the gray version of the dresser I want for the baby’s room is 50 dollars cheaper.  I think I will buy that one instead.  I like the white one more for the baby’s room, but not 50 dollars more (and I’m sort of in love with that gray color right now anyway).

-The ottoman I ordered from Meijer came yesterday, and I have to say I’m proud of the deal I got.  It looks every bit as nice as the brown leather ottomans at Target that sell for 50 dollars….and it was only 21. 

-I think I might want another ottoman or two for the living room.  We don’t have anything with footrests, and I think I might want that ability. 

-I’m really doing horribly at Christmas this year.  I fully intended to get a card out, and that didn’t happen.  I’m not done shopping for presents yet….but Andy and I are going tonight.  I haven’t wrapped anything.  I’m just BEHIND.  I still have to finish my mom’s present, get birthday gifts for Andy’s mom and sister, and buy for Oliver, Keegan, and Ashlee (the dogs).  And Oliver’s almost out of dog food…so we needed to go to Petsmart anyway.  I looked at their website last night, and I’m kind of excited to get Christmas presents for the dogs. Which is horrible because I didn’t even pick out my dad’s present.  My sister did.  I still owe her money.  And I don’t love any of the presents I picked out.  So…if you get a present from me and it’s horrible, I’m sorry.  I love you.  I really do.  My brain is just not working right this year.  I’ll try to better next year :)

-Oliver got a haircut last week and he looks sassy.  He’s also more snuggly now.  So if you’re my dad or sister, you just might convince him to snuggle with you.

-Okay.  I have to clean.  Have to.  I need to get this beast under control.  Also, how does our house get so cluttered so quickly?  I can’t even begin to fathom it.

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