Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Proving to my mom that I really know what I’m looking for this weekend :)

So this weekend is a big weekend.  There’s actually a whole metric ton of stuff that we are going to pack into two short days and one short night.  I’ll elaborate more sometime next week—just know that this weekend is going to be good times for the Cook family.  One of the things that we are packing into this weekend is a trip to IKEA (well…not we exactly…Andy’s not going….he’d like to, but as a part of all that we’re cramming into the weekend, he can’t).  This we is my mom and dad and me.  My dad asked me the other night if I knew what I was getting…so I thought I’d go ahead and make my list.  I’m pretty excited about this trip—I’ve been saving up for it for a few months, and it’ll be nice to finally bring the furniture home.


The Hemnes cabinet will be making it’s grand entrance in our kitchen.  I plan to use it as a pantry space to hold our foodstuffs.  I’m excited to get it home and organized (a trip to the evil empire with the initials WM for some storage containers might be in order for this particular project).

The Bjursta sideboard is one I have been drooling over since July.  Seriously—I showed Mom, Dad,and Lauren this bad boy last July and told them I wanted him to be my lover….he just had to get with my friends.  He’s obviously not thinking it’s too easy, because this hasn’t ended.  Oh Spice Girls.  I have no idea what you were saying…but it sure was catchy.  Me in 96 really thanks you for that gem.

Wait—where was I?  The Bjursta sideboard—perfect for casserole dishes and small appliances.  I can just see the cabinets in our kitchen breathing a sigh of relief.  And look  at the legs on that thing—seriously…I’m in love. 


For the room that will soon be my favorite in the whole house (Liam’s room)….we will be grabbing the Hemnes 3 drawer dresser (in gray…not white…gray is 50 dollars cheaper, but I had the white saved on my computer).  I imagine many a diaper will be changed on this sweet thing.  Our friends Martin and Tara gave it the changing table seal of approval back in December—I love having friends who have kids, they’re just so helpful :)


And then just a few small things.  Like baskets.  I need five baskets to go in a cube storage unit, so I will grab five of whatever the cheapest basket for the Expedit system is.  There are two light fixtures I want to drool over/consider for different rooms in our house (one for the kitchen, one for the bedroom).  I probably won’t buy those….I just need to see them live.  And I want two square vases.  And an AINA pillow cover in a neutral color.

So there’s my list for the weekend packed full o’ crazy fun-ness. 

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to enjoy our crazinest with you this weekend:) mom