Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Memory to Remember: Oliver and the Crib

For nearly the past year, Oliver has been the baby in this house.  He sleeps in bed, he snuggles wherever he wants (sometimes on the covers, sometimes under), he gets to toss all of his toys across the living room floor and never has to pick them up.  He’s a bit spoiled.  But he’s awfully sweet.  Seriously….our dog is crazy affectionate.  And hilarious.  Between he and Andy, I can’t make it through a day without laughing—and I kind of love that.  Because what’s life without a little laughter?

Oliver is very interested in the developments taking place in Liam’s room.  I’m really interested and kind of anxious to see how our fur boy handles having a brother.  So far, he is most interested in the crib.  Not really in trying to get into the crib (he’s never tried that) but in the things inside the crib.  So here are a few Ollie and the crib stories:

-Last Friday night, at 1 AM I heard Ollie barking like mad.  I was dead asleep.  Andy had been moving furniture out of Liam’s room so he could refinish the floors the next morning.  I realized that I heard the gorilla toy that Mike and Beth had given Andy for Christmas.  Oliver has had a love/hate relationship with that thing.  It has a banana you put in it’s mouth, and when you take it out it cries until you “feed the monkey.”  Oliver barks like a madman at it every time he sees it and he tries to beat it up when it cries.  We had hidden it in the crib under some stuff so he wouldn’t get it a few weeks ago (we kept finding him busting into that room trying to get the gorilla).  For the life of me, I could not figure out why my husband was playing with the gorilla at 1 in the morning.  I called out for him, and got no answer.  The entire time, the monkey kept crying and Ollie kept spazzing out.  Finally, I got out of bed, and realized that Andy wasn’t even home.  He had taken my car to fill it with gas, and Oliver was reaching into the side of the crib to make the gorilla cry himself.  He would bark at it, and when it stopped crying, he’d hit it again.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  I left him there until Andy got back so he could see it.

-Tuesday night after Ollie and I got back from Indy, Andy and I were moving the crib back into Liam’s room (it’s super light—no worries).  We got it placed just right, and I stepped back to look at it.  I thought I saw something move between the slats, and I asked Andy where Oliver was.  I put a crib skirt on it awhile back, so we can’t easily see under the bottom.  Andy called for Ollie, and we heard crying coming from the crib.  Andy got down and moved the crib skirt, and Oliver was underneath the crib.  It’s too low to the ground for him to get out on his own, so he put his little paw and nose out to touch Andy.  So we had to pick the crib back up and let the dog out from underneath it.

-And last night.  I finally figured out how to design the mobile I want for Liam’s room.  It will be enormous and all Chinese paper lanterns that will be hung above the crib.  I have three white ones that I ordered a long time ago, and I had them opened and laying in the room.  Oliver figured out that if you punch a paper lantern it kind of bounces back.  So he tried doing that.  So there are small tears in all three of the white paper lanterns I have in that room (I’m hoping once they are up, you won’t notice).  I put them in the crib to keep him from further destroying them.  Last night as Andy was putting the dresser together, Ollie figured out that the lanterns were in the crib, and started reaching his paw through the slats to punch the paper lanterns.  He did get in trouble for that one…I definitely don’t want him to think he can reach inside the crib and hit things.  I’m hoping once we get the mattress inside, it will be high enough he won’t bother anything.

So there’s the story of Ollie adjusting to having a crib in the house.

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