Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Nursery: Rough Progress Shots

So here’s the nursery as it stands today.  It’s definitely not pretty, but it’s a start.  These images are pretty raw, and very true life “process” shots.  I didn’t pick anything up or move anything out.  There is literally a rugful of stuff to go to the Goodwill, just sitting on the rug.  So what you see here is not the final product, I promise.  It’s just a peak into the beginnings of the room as it starts to take shape.

First up, the crib sheet that makes the world go round.  I found this, and it tied the whole room together in my head.  I love this sheet.  Best 12.99 I ever spent.  I need to bring in the greens and oranges a bit more, and I have some plans for that—which you’ll see in the final shots in a few weeks :)


Next, my other favorite parts—the refinished floor and the fluffy white rug.  The floor looks about a million times better since Andy finished it.  Andy, Oliver and I have spent several hours just lying on this rug looking around the room this week.  I think it will be great for playing blocks and trucks and snuggling up for a story.  It’s so soft and cozy.  IMG_2623

A corner of the room—with the chair, the ottoman, and one set of shelves.  The shelves obviously aren’t finished.  See the gorilla on the top shelf?  That’s the gorilla Oliver is obsessed with.  I caught him trying to climb the chair to get on the shelves to get to it the other day.  That top picture frame is going to be white, and lots more will be added here.


The dresser/changing table (it will get a changing pad, obviously) and the other shelf (which is even less decorated than the first one)


Shelf, closet (those wires will be cut), book slings


Better view of the book slings—I love these things :)  (And the dog in the very bottom of the shot)


Just keeping it real here….the crib and the major mess.  Did I mention that our house is only like 1100 square feet, and that this room has primarily been a storage space for the last three years?  Yeah….things are a big mess all over this house right now as we figure out new homes for stuff (and what to toss/donate).


And the cute little swing that came in the mail—a present from Andy’s parents :)  I love how nicely it fits in the corner.


So…give me two or three more weeks, and I can get you the updated version of this room.  My goal is to have it completely ready to go by the start of May.  So I have a month and a week :)


Anonymous said...

I love it so far! The book slings look great up!!!!

Snap, Crackle & Pop said...

I love the book slings, the pillow and Ollie's monkey. My first thought when I saw the book slings was, "oh...I want some" and then I realized it wouldn't look as cute with my 600 page radiology books.

Also, when I was getting your gift from Target I walked by the giraffe print and ended up walking backwards back to it because I thought it was super adorable. I considered getting the comforter but opted not too because it wasn't on your registry and I didn't know if you had something planned.