Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sushi in OUR town

Something happened this week that has put a sweet little spring in my (admittedly very slow moving) step.  A new restaurant opened in the downtown portion of our tiny little town, population –4.  And that restaurant IS A SUSHI BAR.  And it's a fantastic one to boot! 


The restaurant, Sakka Blue, opened Tuesday night.  Andy heard about it Wednesday from some co-workers, and we went last it.  It was stinking awesome.  Totally on par with everything we've had in the Louisville Metro area (and WAY better than some sort of eh experiences in Indy).  I didn't have anything raw, for obvious reasons, but everything I had tasted crazy fresh and great—which is sometimes difficult in a cooked roll.  Andy said that his rolls were beyond.incredible.  He declared his rainbow roll "the best he had ever eaten." 


We were both thrilled with the depth of the menu—they had SO MANY roll options…especially for such a new (and tiny) operation.  There were a ton of rolls that were totally pregnancy safe—it took me forever and a day to choose what I wanted.  I felt like a lot of the other restaurants we frequent had maybe 3-4 cooked/veggie options that were appealing—they were WELL over a dozen good looking options last night.  I ended up settling on two (and I loved both).  I had an Indy Roll, which was a spicy crabmeat roll topped with avocado and Unagi sauce and a Thai roll, which had shrimp tempura and avocado on the inside and spicy crab on top.  I don't even know what Andy had.  I was too busy stuffing my face.  Both of my rolls were really awesome.  I cannot wait until I can try the "real" stuff (Andy's words) in a few months J


Needless to say, our little town grew in our opinion by quite a bit this week.

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