Friday, March 4, 2011

It’s the little things.

There are about 463 things I could be doing right now.  Cleaning my living room.  Doing the dishes.  Writing a Kite Runner quiz for Monday.  Packing for Indy.  Balancing the checkbook.  Taking a quick nap.  All good options, and all things I need to do sometime this weekend.  But I’m not doing any of them.  Because it’s 4:11 on Friday afternoon, and I’m tired.  It was a long week.  We finished finals and started new classes and I have a whole new bunch of students to break in.  I’ve grown enormous in the last two weeks, and the little human living inside me has started to take more energy.  And it was just a whole long week.  So instead of doing the productive things (the nap is forthcoming) I will sit here and type this while eating the yummy chocolate raspberry dessert I made for small group (thank you Margo for reminding me about this) and throwing Oliver his mouse (Dad, don’t let me forget to get him a new one tomorrow—it’s still his best toy).  So here are the silly things that made this long week somewhat more pleasant.

-One of my students wrote the “right to bare arms” on her list of  rights every human should have.  I got tickled at the thought of tank tops and naked arms everywhere.

-Yesterday at WalMart, there was a sample cart, and the first row was donuts, and the next three rows were Slim Fast products.  Oh mercy, I nearly tinkled over that one.

-Oliver’s antics—he has started sticking himself in weird positions so he can snuggle close to me, then he sighs repeatedly to let me know that he’s annoyed with his position and needs me to give him more room.

-Watching Andy try to skip supper to play with his Legos…and Ollie try to play with them too.

-Seeing Liam’s kick through my shirt when I was reading at school today.

-Teaching transitive verbs, and instead of asking which word in the sentence was receiving the action of the verb, accidentally asking what was “getting the action”…which my students promptly turned into getting some action

-And lastly, this little gem from Tom Hanks—this just nearly made me die laughing.  Seriously.  It’s too funny.

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