Monday, March 7, 2011

After the weekend

So I basically used all of yesterday to recover from Friday and Saturday.  I have reached the point in pregnancy where I am just flat exhausted.  I feel like I can't focus my eyes and I keep getting distracted.  My students have been teasing me all day—apparently I will be laughing about something and then my face just gets really serious.  I'm not transitioning well.  I also did about twelve dumb/weird things before 8 AM this morning because my brain is just so foggy right now.  It almost feels like it's a bad idea to be driving because I'm just so goofy and off.


While I used the day to recover and sleep and snuggle with Oliver on the sofa, Andy worked a seven hour day.  He had a lot of stuff that needed to get done at work and really couldn't be done with other people there (he had to disassemble and reassemble the whole computer network for the office), so he did it all yesterday.  And he had about twice his normal Monday load (whjch is generally ridic anyway…just more so today) waiting for him when he arrived today.  So it's safe to say that he's pretty exhausted too.  We may end up falling asleep before 8 again tonight if things keep up.


After his crazy day, he still found the motivation to install the cabinet in the kitchen that I had purchased Saturday.  It turns out that I hadn't measured it and it was too big for the wall we intended to put it on.  Major oops.  But it worked out.  We just put it on the same wall as the other cabinet, and it works just fine there.  Now I just have to get our kitchen resorted and organized.  And then I can do some decorating and I think our kitchen will be "finished."  It's exciting to get a room to a place that I would call it finished.  The living room is pretty much there too.  And I know what needs to be done in the bathroom and Liam's rooms to get them to that place.  I think that (bold projection here) by the end of 2011 our house will be the way that I want it.  It'll really be "our house."  And then I'll just need to maintain.  It's an exciting time. 


I'm kind of proud of the way we've made this house our own.  I feel like we didn't rush into anything, we kind of let the house grow on us and figured out how we would use things and found the problems we had, and then worked to save and fix.  For instance, it would have been really easy for me to walk into our house and rip out the carpet and awful pink tile in the kitchen, but I don't know if I would have picked a replacement that I would still love now.  Our style has changed and grown up a lot in the last few years, and I'm glad we waited on things.  I love the carpet we picked in the living room, but we would have never been able to afford that carpet right after we bought the house.  By living with the ugly carpet for two years, we were able to save up to buy our dream carpet.  If we had tried to replace the disgusting tile right away, we would have ended up with a laminate and not the hardwood that we both love.  Even the cabinets I got this weekend—I spent well over a year cooking/eating/living with our kitchen before I figured out what sort of storage I needed to make it more functional…and even then, I decided on those cabinets several months before we actually purchased them.  Every decision we make, we make together.  I may have an idea, and I present it to Andy, but if he's not all for it, we don't do it.  It works the other way too.  We are both totally on board with every decision made in our little house.  And it makes for a home that we both love, and both feel comfortable in.  Beyond that, it's a house we are proud of because all the work has been our own.  We haven't hired out for jobs…we've figured out how to do it on our own.  It's really our home—the place we've made our own.  And I have no idea how I started talking about how tired I am and ended up talking about our sweet little house.  Who knows?  It's the way my brain is working these days.

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