Sunday, March 13, 2011

10 weeks left

This is our last double digit week before parenthood.  That’s kind of a big deal.  In the spirit of that milestone, my poor brain is working on overload trying to figure out everything we need to accomplish before Liam arrives.  Some of it is directly related to Liam, some is stuff that we need to get done and it makes more sense to do it BL (Before Liam).  I have about four lists going…so I’m going to give you a sample from a few of them.

Here’s the overarching “BEFORE LIAM ARRIVES” big stuff list:

-Switch over savings accounts (not really Liam related…but we get crazy better interest rates in one compared to the other and I want my “big” money in the account with better interest.

-Payoff Pontiac (I did this Friday—it felt awesome….I paid off our loan 10 months early…and it was only a 2 year loan!)  We are officially debt free (minus mortgage) again

-HO/Life/Auto Insurance—check on better rates (our homeowners is kind of ridic…and they aren’t together…and we don’t have life insurance…so we’re going to check with a broker and see if we can save some scrizzle here)

-Establish with Dr. M—check to see if the doctor will take our boy upon birth

-Financial Advisor—getting our retirement stuff in one place, rolling over everything, making a plan (because there’s nothing like parenthood to make you realize it’s time to be an adult)

-Health Insurance…I’ll explain this one later…like in a few weeks or so

-Redo bedroom floor (all of the original wood floors are kind of foul and Andy wants to do Liam’s before he arrives…we’ll probably do the other two next spring) (I think this is happening next weekend and Oliver and I are going to Indy for a few days to stay with Andy’s parents…I would totally go to my parents…but it’s an extra hour drive and I don’t think I am mentally prepared for that)

-Get Liam’s room ready (just as soon as Andy lets me back on that floor…I’m chomping at the bit on this one—the vision is so clear in my head and I am SO READY to make it a reality)

-Establish budget…I’ll explain that one when I explain health insurance

-OB Prep—Hospital visit (this should happen sometime in April)

-Childbirth class (every Tuesday in April)

-Remove PMI from house (just something I’ve been meaning to do)

My “LIAM STUFF” list

-Check registry, see if I need to add/delete before showers

-Soon after showers, figure out what we still need, purchase

-Install carseat

-Figure out gear

-Learn how to open the stroller myself

-Wash diapers/clothes and put away

This one will get larger as I figure things out


-Get plants figured out

-Spring planting

-Hang the ding-dang picture frames that have been on the floor since December

-Get house cleaned/dusted/ready for new arrival

-Get Ollie’s new toy for day when L comes home…also: shots, grooming, heartworm and anything else I will forget about for O

-Figure out baby storage

There will obviously be more…..I’ve added to this list nearly every day for the last few weeks…but that’s where I’m at right now.

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