Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So maybe I won’t make bold proclamations

So much for a baby post a day.  I had lofty goals, you know.  I was going to take a picture of the carseat, the stroller, and the carseat on the stroller, so you could see the magic of the Joovy Scooter.  Then we ran out of coffee (which might be against the law of marriage…especially since I still didn’t buy any), I had a long day in which I didn’t care for anyone under the age of 18, and the temperature dropped 46 degrees in a 24 hour span leaving my throat feeling like what I imagine Ma on Ma’s Roadhouse must feel like (no…I’ve never actually seen the show, just the clips that my dear friend Joel McHale makes fun of on the The Soup)

WARNING: This clip is definitely PG13.  Fo sho.


All that to say….I’d sure like to take those pictures tonight, but we’ll see. 

Instead, I have for you a quick story about how our standards have fallen over the past few months.

Laundry has been an ongoing battle in our marriage.  I’m not good at tasks that give me some “off” time.  I generally forget that I put something in the washer or dryer, and leave it.  Andy is very specific about how everything should be done….especially the laundry.  He would often get irritated at my forgetting, to the point that at the start of the school year, I passed the task off.  I told him I couldn’t do it, and I needed him to do it.  He quickly began doing exactly what I had been doing all along.  He would forget laundry and leave it in the washer or dryer.  He would do maybe a load a weekend and try to figure out why he was running out of clothes midweek.  Everything I had done that made him crazy, he was doing.  It made me laugh….a lot.

Recently, we’ve just started splitting the job.  Whoever has more time/energy just does it…even if it’s just a load at a time.  He had started a load sometime last week and left it.  I found it and fixed it.  Then this weekend when  I was left home alone again, I started the rest.  I put the last load in the washer on Monday, and forgot it.  Last night, Andy looked over and saw a load in the washer….and panicked.  He thought it was the load he started a week ago.

Now here’s the best part of the whole story for me—when we found out it wasn’t his week old load, just one I had put in a day before, he responded, “Oh, that’s okay.”

And that’s how I knew that our standards had fallen. :)

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Anonymous said...

I think that's an okay standard to fall! I am pretty much the laundry queen of our home but Jeff does help me hang a lot of the stuff that we don't put in the dryer for fear of shrinking. He also thanks me at least once every time he sees me bring the baskets out to sort everything. It works.