Monday, February 7, 2011

26. And 25 weeks pregnant.

So today is my birthday.  26.  Which just seems grown up.  Not really cool, but kind of adult.  The morning started nicely—Andy got up and made the coffee and got Ollie around (bathroom, food, water) so I could sleep in a little.  Then they both came back to bed and we all hung out for a bit.  It was nice.  I was a fan.

Then I went to work.  And I’d like to forget about the part of today that took place between the hours of 8 and 3.

So now Ollie and I are hanging out, waiting for Andy to come home.  I don’t really know what we’re doing tonight, but Andy did tell me not to worry about making dinner, so that’s hopeful :)  It’s crazy to think that at this time next year, we’ll have a 9 month old.  That feels foreign to me.

This whole pregnancy thing seems to be kicking in recently.  Like I’m realizing what a big transition is happening in 15 more weeks.  Liam is moving a whole lot, and his kicks are getting stronger.  His room is starting to come together (we got furniture moved to the appropriate room yesterday—now we just need to buy a dresser).  We’re starting to think about registering for stuff.  I ordered a car seat last week (the one I need to go with our stroller was on sale at, so I went for it).  Things are coming together slowly and surely.  Slowly has a lot to do with some of the physical pain I’m in.  I guess most people experience round ligament pain as a sporadic sharp pain, but I tend to just have a constant harrowing ache.  Usually after I’ve been sitting or standing or doing anything for any amount of time, I end up in a crazy amount of pain.  I’m trying to walk normally, but it hurts sometimes.  It’s kind of rough.  Sometimes it will hit at weird moments, and I shout out.  Yesterday I was trying to pick up something and I had a really sharp pain….I started crying it was so painful.  It’s okay, though.  In the end, it will be worth it.  There are a lot of good things….the pain is just a side effect.  I can handle it.    I’m just super thankful for the seat warmers in Andy’s car every time I ride in it :)

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