Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Bits

--I’m glad it’s finally February.  January took way too long.  And was way too just bleh.

--My brain isn’t working right.  It’s just not.  I forget dumb things.  I do stupid stuff.  I’m not myself right now.

--I think we are in the one part of the country that isn’t being pelted with snow right now.  In fact, here’s the doppler radar for our house RIGHT now as the rest of the state and known world is covered in ice and snow (go north of Louisville following I-65, then go a little to the right and that’s us….in the part that’s just about to get the green):


And it’s not even cold enough to freeze it.  So we just have rain.  But that didn’t stop being from acting like loons at Kroger yesterday.  I’d like to find some of the people I saw there and ask them how they feel about their behavior now.  Seriously.  And I wasn’t even at Wal-Mart.  I can’t imagine the crazy going on up in there.

-You might think that since I teach English, I would refrain from using phrases like crazy going on up in there, since I can tell that they are grammatically incorrect.  You would be incorrect.  I don’t refrain from saying much of anything.

-Also, I ended up teaching a girl in my class why boys can’t have periods and what a uter*s, ov*ries, and fall*pian tubes were yesterday.  Because I guess she didn’t know.  Because she thought if a boy took birth control, it would cause him to have a period, since girls don’t have periods on birth control.  We covered that too.  No worries.  And then another girl asked if babies grow inside your ov*ries, so we had to cover that one too.  Can’t say I ever imagined this would be in my job description.  Next time, I’m calling the school nurse. 

-And that’s seriously it.  I don’t think anything interesting is happening here.

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