Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why I win the award for having the sweetest sister

I have this sister.  She looks like this:

Ashley and Andy Photo Shoot 227

Well.  She did last May.  Hair’s a little different now.  But she’s still awesome.

You see, my sister tickles me to no end.  Partially because she’s the cheapest person I know.  I’d go so far as to say that she is cheaper than my dad.  I think she probably still has her allowance from when she was seven saved in a jar in her bedroom.  And she calls the electric company every month to verify/complain about her rates (in her defense…they ARE ridiculous).  But this sister of mine, she did something very special for my birthday this year.  Something that made me cry.  That’s still making me cry just a little bit when I think about it right now.

Do you remember this post?  Where I explained all of the baby gear that I’m excited about?  And the stroller that I have a crush on?  The guy who looks like this?


Well, that guy is in my house.  He came on Monday.  And he is even more wonderful in person.  And he’s all mine—my very special birthday present from my very special sister. 

Seriously.  Best.present.ever. 

Poor Andy.  He’ll never be able to top that :)

And that’s why my sister is the sweetest sister ever.

Lauren—Liam is so lucky to have you as an aunt.  This kid won the aunt lottery!  You’ll be his favorite—no question about it.  You’re already my favorite :)

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