Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On being 21 weeks pregnant

I realized that I would really like to have some things written down for the future….when I’m not right in the middle of pregnancy and these things are just memories.  So here are some things I thought I would want to remember.

MOVEMENT: I felt Liam for the first time the morning after Christmas.  We were at my mom and dad’s house, and Andy was in the shower.  I was still in bed, and I started to feel a fluttering.  Since then it has progressed and he moves a whole lot.  I feel him several times a day.  Andy hasn’t felt him yet (he’s still too small, I think), but he loves it when I tell him what’s going on.  During our ultrasound, he was spinning in circles and I could feel it as we watched it.  It was a really special moment.

CRAVINGS: I think I’ve narrowed down the category of my cravings: salt and fresh.  I have been obsessed with fruit/avocado/and anything that gives me a nice cool refreshing flavor.  Mostly citrus fruit, but I did buy blueberries yesterday and they have been wonderful.  As for salt, meats, cheeses, and nuts seem to be the tops here.

SYMPTOMS: I have a weird spasm in my back on the lower left side.  It’s incredibly painful at times, and makes my leg tighten up.  If I smell weird/gross things, I gag (this predominantly happens in the teacher’s lounge at school).  I’m starting to feel tired a little easier again.  That’s really about it.

CLOTHES:  Liam is sitting REALLY low…so even before I was showing, my pants were fitting funny.  I’ve been in maternity pants for several weeks already.  I had been fine with my regular shirts, but I reached a point in the last few days (literally last Friday) where most of those don’t work either.  A lot of what fit fine a week or two ago is now lifting up really high, and I won’t do the pregnant girl with her belly out look.  I may live in Southern Indiana, but I don’t have to look like I’m from here.  I just sorted through the maternity tops I am borrowing, and figured out what I need.  Sweaters.  I don’t think I have a single one.  So I need to start doing some looking/shopping.  As much as I don’t want to buy anything, I think I will need some….since that’s what I wear every day in the winter.  Of course, I haven’t found much that I love either, which makes it harder to want to spend money.  So I’m just kind of eh about the whole thing.

FUN MOMENTS: Seeing Liam, choosing his name, getting the stuff I ordered for the nursery in the mail, hanging out with Andy and talking and dreaming about the future, opening Christmas presents for our little boy.  All sorts of things, really.

MOMENTS THAT WILL BE FUNNY LATER: One of my high school students looked at me yesterday and said, “Gosh, you’re getting bigger and bigger every day.”  We had a brief class discussion about tact and class and things you just don’t say to people ever, and I threatened them all with a lunch detention if they are rude again.  Sneezing and peeing.  Gagging and peeing.  Rolling off the couch gasping when my leg spasm acts up and it hurts to stand up.  Tipping over or moving awkwardly because my center of balance is off.


Shannon E said...

Is it a leg spasm or back spasm? I had like charlie-horses in my legs that would wake me up some nights. I would scream they were so painful. I read that eating more bananas could help them, and they went away eventually.

Ashley said...

I think my hip might be out of alignment....it's a pain in my hip/lower back that extends into my leg. Usually once I start to slow down at the end of the day, it tightens up and hurts a whole lot.

Cris said...

Grandma would tell you to get dill pickles. Chiropractors also adjust pregnate ladies. Liam Robert Cook is a very good and strong name.

Question: What is the origin of Liam? I can't remember if it is Scottish or Irish or something else.

Take care and keep us updated.

Snap, Crackle & Pop said...

Sorry Aunt Cris, I already beat you when it comes to telling Ash to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic use also decreases labor time (who wouldn't want that?).