Saturday, January 22, 2011

Strange Morning

So this morning, we did something a bit odd.  We did a photo shoot for a local musician who is trying to sell his t-shirts on his website.  One of Andy’s co-workers is friends with this musician, and told him he knew  a good photographer (Andy…who shoots all of their work images and edits them to be lovely…because clearly anyone who can shoot ATV parts can do people too ;)) who could do it….so we did.

Did I mention that it was 11 degrees outside this morning?

And that both models (Andy’s coworker and his female friend) were wearing t-shirts and t-shirts only to get their picture taken?

And that there are still totally 5 inches of snow everywhere?

And that the girl weighed 12 pounds dripping wet?  Seriously.  She makes my sister look heavy which shouldn’t be humanly possible.  She had to pin back her extra-small t-shirt because it was too big.

And I had to haul my hugenormous pregnant self around out in the snow?  Wearing two layers of pants and three shirts.  So I looked even more whale-like. 

Honestly, though, it was fun.  All of those were the things I was thinking BEFORE we started shooting.  It was actually sort of fun to do.  Andy was funny.  He finally realized the beauty of the lens he bought me for my birthday last year—he never got it before, but now he does.  It’s fabulous.  Also, I don’t know how to choose an appropriate white balance.  I need practice.  But I’ll wait until temperatures rise above freezing.

Now we’re home and thawed out, and I’m going to go make a spring-like lunch of pita and hummus and tomato salad and convince myself that it’s not freezing outside….until we go to Lowes later, that is.  Because then we’ll get cold all over again.  This whole day makes me feel like we’re sort of odd….taking pictures of people in t-shirts in the freezing cold and gearing up for an exciting trip to Lowes (I hate to admit how much I love Lowes trips with my husband…it makes me feel old).  What a weekend. :)

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