Saturday, January 1, 2011


So…as soon as we found out for sure that our little boy was indeed a little boy, my ideas started to solidify.  I totally have the nursery all planned….and it will be ready way early and I can’t wait to share it.

Beyond nursery ideas, though, I have some very specific baby blankets that I adore.  They are cotton on one side (with a pattern) and minky dot on the other.  They sell for like 40 dollars all over Etsy.  My mom has agreed to make a few, I just need to decide what I want.  So…here are some of the cotton patterns that have caught my eye….once I narrow it down to a reasonable number (maybe two or three…mama?), I can pick the coordinating minky dot pattern and order it with all the other fabric I need for my other projects.  So….tell me what you think!

fabric1 fabric2 fabric3 fabric4 fabric5 fabric6 fabric7 fabric9 fabric10


Anonymous said...

I love the whales and the guitars.

Cris said...

I like the jungle animals, blue/green circles and pattern of green / blue.

Snap, Crackle & Pop said...

I love the "hooters," the whales, and the funky teal/green one. Maybe you should go with four and add the guitars, too.

Ashley said...

I went with the whales, the guitars, and the blue/green dots. I was going to get the owls instead of the dots, but they were backordered. Then I ordered the green with the blue tree things for some book slings in the nursery..I ordered quickly because they had a coupon code on that was expiring today!! So I saved 20% on my order