Monday, January 19, 2009

Updating the House

Since my blog is as much a journal for me as it is anything else, I kind of decided to try to organize some of my thoughts about potential home decisions in a more public manner.  So I can figure out what I'm going for, and you can tell me no if you think it's bad news.  So, as the week progresses, I'll probably show you a little bit of what I'm thinking for each of the rooms, and maybe give a glance at what it looks like now (or looked like at some point in the past...since I still don't have my camera back).

So...first up, the kitchen.

We have actually already started the kitchen changing process.  I think I talked about that.  We painted our cabinets black.  And we are hoping to change the countertop in the next few weeks. 

I am majorly in love with this little number from Lowes.  Because they really are improving home improvement.



I think it will be beautiful with the black cabinets.  Then, in a few months, when things start to warm up, we're looking to replace the kitchen tile with hardwood flooring.  It currently looks like this floor:

April08 169


Awful pink tile.  It's terrible.  It's hard to keep clean, and just bad, bad news.  I look forward to replacing it.  Andy got the hardwood bug when he helped his dad finish the floor in their new room over Christmas.  We are looking at either the color they have (Gunstock....I think) or a slightly darker color called Saddle.

With that, I would like a white table.  Andy thinks I'm crazy.  He thinks we should do a wood or black table.  But I don't really like the feel of matchy-matchy.  I like to mix my woods and colors, and I think a round, white pedestal table would be beautiful.  I'm in love with this one.

I've been thinking about moving the black toile fabric in the living room into the kitchen for a mistreated panel Nester style, and painting the kitchen a slightly richer neutral shade.  Like this...Cappuccino from Restoration Hardware



Then, once all of that is finished, I can start putting together accessory pieces.  Our kitchen is a hard room to decorate.  The walls are sort of I'm never sure what to do.  I don't love anything I have up right now, so I think it will all come down.  I really have no ideas for that right now.  I'm still in the big picture mode for our kitchen. 

Next up: the bathroom

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