Friday, January 23, 2009

Did you say bedroom? More like catch-all.

I fully intended to post this on Wednesday...and the next on Thursday and Friday....I have them mostly written and everything.  Then this week got away from me, and I forgot all about.  We'll say that this week has been on the stressful side and I've felt nearly comatose when I've gotten home.  So I'll finish out my series of posts now :)


And that's why our guest bedroom needs some help.  It's too full.

We seriously need to figure out a better arrangement....we just kind of shoved lots of stuff in and hoped that it would work.  It's really not.  I actually just redid the pain in this room last summer, so it's staying for now.  I'd like to change it out for the seasons.  I keep leaning towards a white quilt with colored pillows--maybe some yellows and light greens for spring and summer...and red, chocolate, greens and gold for fall/winter?  And a coordinating throw at the foot of the bed.

I'm thinking World Market might be the place to go for pillows.  I'm not sure, though.  Here are some wintery ones from Target


I have no idea what to do for the walls in this room.  But I think I want to keep it fairly neutral, so I can change out the bedding with the seasons.  Maybe a nice collection of white plates?  Some sticks/feathers in an urn in a corner?  A sweet lamp in neutrally goldy creamy shades?...and maybe some brownish hued wall hangings?  Perhaps from the many lovelies one can find at the H-L (Hobby Lobby, if you don't speak my language).

I don't have any real pictures for my ideas.  Because I can't find any.  Except, that I do have a picture of a cluster of white plates that I swiped off a blog many months ago as inspiration.  I can't remember where I took it from, that's bad news.  I'll crop it so you can just see the plates.


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