Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Potential Potty Room Projects

Like the alliteration on that title?  Fancy, I know.

Our bathroom isn't awful, but it will never be great.  It's just a bitty little space, and that's all it will grow up to be.  The changes I want to make in here are purely cosmetic, and should be easy enough that I can do them on my own.  Like maybe over my spring break.

I'm in love with this shower curtain, and might order it tonight, since it's on clearance at Tar-jay. 


I'd like to paint the existing vanity an antique white/ivory color, and change the hardware to something non-gold.  Here's the vanity (and the messy bathroom, just keeping it real, yo.)

April08 029

I think a nice dark brown curtain would be good.  With an ivory or teal ribbon.

And maybe change the flooring.  The subfloor in there is perfect...we just had it replaced when we moved in.  It would just be a matter of tearing out the vinyl and putting in new.  And since the floor that's currently there was a 15 dollar remnant, I'm not too sad to see it go.  I'd just get a different vinyl, I think.  Maybe something like this?  It's only 88 cents a tile.


And fix the paint.  A darker neutral.  Like Peanut Shell or Burlap from Benjamin Moore.

peanutshell      yhst-13463548100242_2037_49536345

And that's probably about it for the bathroom.  I'd just need to find decorative accessories.  See, I could so do that over spring break.  Right?

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