Saturday, January 24, 2009

The room in which we do the sleeping favorite place.

This room feels too crowded too.  We'll need to do something about that.  But for the redecorating...I have some ideas for that.

I'd like to change our comforter to something thicker and more luxurious.  I'd like something in a dark chocolate color.  With this mirror above the bed:

Isn't it beautiful?  Or, I'd move the bed to the wall under the window, leave the mirror, and put an armoire with the tv under the mirror.  Like this (which would be totally cute with my dresser):

And pillows like these on the bed:


Andy has a nightstand, but it needs to be refinished.  His is wood, but again with my non-matchy wood thing...I'd like a white one in there too.  You know, boy side/girl side?  I still need one, and I think I'd like something like this:

  or this

We have lamps for this room already..they are white with khaki colored shades and a little gingham ribbon.

And new curtains.  But I don't know what I want there.  Maybe a Roman shade type? Or something long and paneled?  I really couldn't tell you.  Maybe a duponi silk in an aqua or brown?  Or if I could match that buffalo check on the pillow...that could be cute.  If we put the bed under the window, I'd definitely want something long and flowy.

Again, no detail pieces.  I like to pick those up as I find them.  Usually at the H-L.  Sometimes Target.  Or the GW (Goodwill).  Or occasionally at one of the sweet shops downtown, but they tend to run a bit pricey.  I should probably try to support them more, though, given the state of the local economy.

Only two rooms left, I promise.  I'm sure you're getting bored.  But I'm having a real blast :)

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