Monday, January 26, 2009

Book 9 and Book 10

I got so caught up in pretend decorating and real life-threatening situations last week, that I forgot to write a book recommendation.  And then I finished another book...and actually, another, but I'll hold off on telling you about that one for now. 

Book 9: Dishwasher by Pete Jordan

dishwasher This book was the author's memoir of his life goal (or ungoal?) to wash dishes in all fifty states.  Dishing (as he calls it) started as a way to make some easy money, but he soon discovered that he enjoyed it.  So he started traveling the country, finding dish jobs and making enough to keep him from starving (he'd supplement his food with leftovers from the plates before he washed them).  It was an interesting read, with some downright funny anecdotes.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I could see Pete Jordan being sort of a modern day Jack Kerouac.  Against the rules, establishment, and what most of society deems normal.  It was an interesting, and enjoyable read.

Book 10: Marley and Me

marleyandme I had very fully intended to read this book for quite some time, and the movie appearing in theaters finally brought be to it.  And I'm glad it did.  This was a very sweet tribute to a wild family pet.  I loved the tales of Marley's fear of thunderstorms.  The many issues he brought upon the young family with all of his quirks and peculiarities.  Most of all, though, I loved the way you could see how much this family loved their dog.  He was an integral member of their family, one they loved dearly.  This was a sometimes hysterically funny, sometimes devastatingly sad look at more than a decade of this young family's life.  And I so loved it.  I stayed up too late Saturday night to finish it, it was so sweet.  And now I want to see the movie version :)

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junesixth said...

You're a beast, Ashley! 1/10 done and the year is only 1/12 over.