Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

This past week was a weird one. I don't know what was up, but something was seriously awry. I was cold all week...temperature wise (since we barely hit single digits, unheard of in Southern Indiana...but nothing compared to what the rest of my family was experiencing in Central and Northern Indiana) and attitude wise. Let's just get it out there...I was a major pill.

This weekend, though, has been good. I've had a chance to take it easy, to spend some time in the Word, and to refocus a bit. I've also been checking the updates here like every 2 hours and it's definitely putting my lousy attitude in perspective. I started reading Kelly's blog about a year ago, making her another of my "friends" that I wrote about earlier in the week. You know, the ones I don't know...and who don't know that they are my friends? She just has a sweet, gentle spirit that is so attractive. She and her husband had struggled with infertility for 2 years, and last spring announced they were pregnant with their first child. Baby Harper was born on Friday, with some serious complications. I have been checking the updates all weekend long and praying for this sweet family.

It's been good, not having much to do. We finished out our 3rd six weeks (which means that the school year is half over) on Friday, so it's time to start all new units tomorrow. Luckily, I just taught two different novels to my 4 classes, so I am just switching reteaching the same things, just to different classes. And I have four of this six weeks planned out. So I am set through mid-February with lesson plans. So I've just been hanging out. Even though I still have some work to do. I just don't feel like doing it yet. Yesterday I watched "Countdown to the Crown" which might be another new favorite of mine. Sadly, I picked up on it late...and next week is the last episode, since the Miss America pageant is next weekend. It's fun to get to really "know" the contestants. Today, we had lunch with our sweet friends at one of my favorite restaurants. It was delightful. And now I'm psuedo napping and watching Gilmore Girls in bed. I may have to stay here, though, because it's a pretty sweet setup. I feel like I should get Jon and Kate Plus 8 on DVD I can watch it in bed as well. Although, that might be a bad plan, because I might never get out of this bed. Except to take a bubble bath with my sweet action bubble bath I bought after Christmas. I'll just have to get a cute apron from Anthropologie, so I'll want to cook dinner and wear it....then I'll just never leave the house :)

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Leigh Anne said...

My favorite shows are Jon and Kate Plus 8 AND Gilmore Girls. And I just started reading Kelly's blog because of Angie's blog!