Sunday, January 25, 2009

The office--not the delightful television version

Our office gives me fits too.  Basically, I struggle with all of our house.  Let's be honest.  It's kind of old, and small, and has weird shapes.  But I can handle it :)  Some days.  This week, not so much.  I just want out.

For starters, I'd like to paint this room.  I think definitely peanut shell in here.  Definitely to the point that I'm reading to take my Benjamin Moore fan deck to Lowe's and say, "This is what I want"  And I almost did yesterday, if I wasn't certain my husband would not be thrilled to come home to a house under construction.  A little bit of marriage advice: tell your husband before you begin any major projects.  He gets a little irritated to come home and find that you've started something that makes the house look like it's being destroyed.


I'd love for Andy to build a long desk that goes along the far wall...for both of our computers and workspaces.  I think it would take up less space, and be more effective in here.  And I could put some pretty fabric along the front if I wanted to hide wires and stuff.  Along one of the long walls, I'd like to hang a cross wall--with all of the crosses I have (and will have).  I need some bigger ones...I saw some at H-L right after Christmas that were stun-ning.  I hope they still have them!  I'm thinking about hitting the HL in Car-mel (I only added the dash to make it sound cooler if you read it out loud...make the -mel rhyme L).  Like, we might meet Mariah and Kory at a restaurant there so I can subtly suggest that while we're in such close proximity of the store it would behoove us to stop by and drop a wad of cash.  Or plastic, as it probably will be. :)  I'd probably leave the other large wall blank, just because it would be too much in such a small space.  Andy has his sweet wooden sword from Germany that says "Be fully alive" and I'd like to find some other things to hang around it on the little wall by the closet.  Maybe more plates?  Or some Germany pictures in sepia?  The sword is a little guy, he needs some friends to help him really come alive.  Any thoughts?

I'd keep our diplomas up (in better frames), and find something for the little wall on the other side of the window.  Maybe a sweet picture frame with a picture.  Because I want to have real pictures taken our two year anniversary pictures, since we never had engagement pictures.  And I have a friend who offered to do I'm pretty pumped.

I'm envisioning a pretty red toile on the windows.  Toile and a collection of crosses....sounds so sweet to me. 

And I'd love a new comfy chair, for reading.  I like to sit in the chair in here and read while Andy works on the computer.  But the chair we currently have is very old and uncomfortable.  I'd like a new one....maybe red to match the toile.  Or maybe toile?  Or gingham?  With a pillow of a different color/pattern to create visual interest?  Something that coordinates, not matches.

Like this maybe.  With a brighter patterned pillow.  Maybe the toile again, with another in Robin's egg blue for some extra POP.

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