Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Ongoing Battle

This is going to be lighthearted in the extreme.  Because that's all I can handle.  I have spent my morning watching reruns of Countdown to the Crown in preparation for the Miss America pageant tonight.  Can I tell you that I think that Miss Indiana and Miss Alabama are my favorites?  So many of the girls are darling--but I think they just really rock the show.  I love that Miss Indiana is from Seymour--that's only like 45 minutes away from here.  We totally drive by on our way to our parents' houses.  Can you tell that Mr. Andy is gone for the weekend?  That's how I have the luxury of lounging and watching pageants all day...he wouldn't be so interested if he were here.  I'm thinking about heading to a nearby town to hit Target and Hobby Lobby too...but first, I wanted to share something.  Something very goofy.

There has been an ongoing battle in our house.  Well, there are several really.  One is what type of dog to get, and when we should get a dog.  We've sort of agreed that this summer is the time for a pet, since I'll be home more to socialize.  We just don't know what type of dog we want.  The second is even goofier, because it's something we have no control over and isn't really an issue right now.  But we discuss it nonetheless.  The question of boy or girl.  Like for our first child in the future. 

Andy wants a boy.  He wants a young beast to train up to be a beast.  He wants a butt-kicking little monster of a man.  At least, that's what it sounds like to me.  Truly, I think he wants a carbon copy of himself to train up to beat up other kids.  That's probably not what he's saying, but it's what I'm hearing.  I could be a little biased. 

I'm obviously on the other side of the court.  I want a little girl to put in dresses and bows and snuggle and cuddle and live in a sweet pink and green room.  A little girl who plays with dolls and has tea parties and is just as sweet as can be.  Because really, look at these things....if I have a little girl, I can buy these sweet things and they can be sweet on her.  Little boys don't have such sweet things.

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And if that doesn't win my argument, I don't know what will.  Of course, I'm totally joking.  This is all in jest...but it was fun to look at little girl clothes for a few minutes.  Honestly, when we have kids, it won't matter.  But I would love to decorate a pink and green room.


Rebecca said...

Ooo I have tons of input on dogs :-P Plus, I just finished reading Don't Shoot the Dog! by Karen Pryor, and I think you should read it before getting a dog (I'm making Mom do that) and it'd be soo helpful for all sorts of things, including your classroom and future children (which I don't really have any input on). Plus it could be part of your 50 books. It's non-fiction but a pretty easy read (lots of anecdotes), and not too long.

Also, I like your decorating ideas. It's good that you are making your home yours. :)

Anonymous said...

If you put your little girl in appliqued anything...especially that turkey or scarecrow I'll be upset. I'm gonna buy your kids clothes like this:

Girl -

Boy -

Oh my gosh. Have babies like tomorrow!!!

Ashley said...

The turkey would only be for Thanksgiving. Under the age of three, you need to be dressed for the holiday. She'll need an outfit for the pumpkin patch too. Maybe a bow with a pumpkin? The scarecrow I'm not so in love with.

I can't have babies tomorrow. I have to fit into my dress for your wedding in I can't be pregnant before like May :)

Anonymous said...

Well, fine, get preggers in May so that you can tell your little one that they were at my wedding! That way I'll have a little baby to drool over by Valentine's Day next year. 2010 sounds like a good year for a baby. Very even. Do it, do it ,do it :O)