Thursday, January 1, 2009

A few of my favorite things

More and more lately, I've been figuring out that my heart is not totally in my job.  I feel like it's where I'm supposed to be for this season in my life, but I truly feel like this season will be short-lived.  More and more, I am ready to start a family and come home.  It's truly what I desire.  This has been a huge change of heart for me, because from the start of our marriage, I have been the one saying that I wanted to teach for at least three or four years before we start having kids.  Andy, on the other hand, has been ready (or at least thought so) since two months after we were married. 

Now, that said, it's still not going to happen right away.  We've got some big things up in the air right now, and we both think that RIGHT now isn't the right time.  In the meantime, I've been thinking back on some of my favorite childhood memories, and I have been making lists of things that I want to either relive, or have for my kids to enjoy in the future (this list is primarily for a daughter, since I don't have any memories of being a boy).  And several of the Disney movies are in the vault, so I'll either need to order them used or wait and get them the next time they come out...which would probably be better, so  I can get them on Blu-Ray.


Eloise (the books and the movies with Julie Andrews)

Little House on the Prairie Series

Charlotte's Web

Anne of Green Gables series

The Boxcar Children series

The Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast

The Lion King


Snow White

Sleeping Beauty I was working on this earlier today, and I was telling Andy that I saw that this movie was available in Blu-Ray, so tonight he ran to the store to get me a notebook, and came home with it.  I was so excited!  And I can mark one thing off my list on the very first day.  What a sweet husband I have.  Also...I definitely want to hold out for the Blu-Ray versions was SO BEAUTIFUL :)

Peter Pan

Lady and the Tramp


Alice in Wonderland

Little Women

Roald Dahl books

The Parent Trap (with Hayley Mills)


Summer Magic

The Love Bug

Oliver and Company (to be released on Feb. 3)

Mary Poppins (a new edition is coming out this month)

And this is totally unrelated, but wouldn't this be darling in my living room?

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Anonymous said...

I have the entire series of Little House on the Prarie books. When you are ready, you can borrow them.

Take your time, the books will be waiting.

Love Aunt Cris