Monday, August 29, 2011

I have never felt so tired for so long in my entire life

So.  I have something to say.  My child really stinks at sleeping during the day.  In fact, he’s horrible at it.  His nighttime sleep is fine, great even, but naps are another story.  Naps are going to kill me.  Because it’s not like he’s a weirdo who’s content without a nap….oh no, he needs one, he just won’t take one.  Here’s a rundown of a normal day:

We wake up.  We hang out.  Liam starts to look tired, yawning and such.  I put him in his crib and wrap him up, give him a blanket.  He begins shrieking before I leave the room.  He continues shrieking for 35 minutes, until I give up and go get him.  He has crazy dark circles under his eyes at this point, and continues shrieking.  I carry him up and down the hallway, I try to figure out how to calm him.  He stays awake and stays mad.  I pray up and down the hallway.  He stays awake, but God gives me the grace to keep walking up and down the hallway.

Sometimes he falls asleep.  Sometimes he doesn’t.  Sometimes we have to get a whole new feeding in before sleeping happens.  He has also developed a radar, so that when I put him down, he wakes up instantly and shrieks…and we start the whole process over.  And I’m exhausted.  I think I need Liam to take a nap as much as he needs the nap.

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