Friday, August 12, 2011

So far this morning….

We woke up at 6:27 AM for the third morning in a row…I think the light must get in his room at that time…or his internal clock is set to wake up at 6:27.

Liam ate a bottle and got a diaper change….I passed him off to Andy in bed and went to make breakfast.

Andy, Ollie, and Liam made their way out of bed while I fixed breakfast.  We ate. 

I took Ollie to the bathroom.  He pooped on himself.  It required a haircut on his posterior.  Then Andy combed out his hair.  Then we gave him ear drops because he has a slight ear infection.  It was a rough morning to be Ollie.

Andy got in the shower for work while I played with the boys and poured his coffee.

After Andy left for work, Liam and I went for a walk for about an hour.  He fell asleep and then woke up the second we got home.

Liam ate again… was a difficult eating time.  He kept smiling and laughing and pushing his bottle out of his mouth with his tongue.  Then he started kicking and moving and trying to headbang.  Basically the kid uses feeding time to practice his roller coaster moves.  Sometimes when I burp him, he looks like he’s riding a bull in the rodeo.    It’s pretty funny stuff :)

The neighbors #$%^ dog jumped in our window to torment Ollie.  Ollie went nuts and I locked him in the bedroom.  If that dog ran behind my tires, I wouldn’t stop.  I know it’s horrible.  But he is awful.

While Ollie was cooling off, I gave Liam a bath.  Then we finished the bottle from before the bath.

I let Ollie out and spent the next 35 minutes playing with both boys.  Liam started to yawn and yell which is a good sign he needs to nap.  He is really good at going to sleep at night, but naptime is a nightmare.  He’s currently in his crib screaming as I type this.

And it’s not quite 11 AM and I’m exhausted.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to everyday motherhood by the time you have four and get to be my age you will only remember the good times and how perfect your grandchildren and greatgrandchildren are!love ya Grams.