Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liam at three months

Bitty Boy,

You are three months old today!  You are getting to be so grown up and so funny.  Daddy can’t get enough of you—at least once every day he snuggles you close and asks, “Isn’t he just so sweet?  Don’t you just love him.”  And sometimes I just can’t stop smooching you.  Or snuggling you.

You are getting big this month. I don’t know your height and weight—we don’t go to the doctor this month, but I know you’re heavier.  You are starting to make my arms and back sore when I carry you for a long time.  You are wearing mostly 3-6 mos. clothing, and your Carters brand clothes are all 6 mos (but that still may be from where I accidentally shrunk everything a bit before you were born).  You are in a size 2 disposable diaper, and you’re in a weird place with your cloth diapers.  You’re between sizes on the Fuzzibunz so they were leaking a lot and aggravating me…so we’re only using a few a day.  You are probably ready for the Bum Genius, but it’s been too hot to use the washer and dryer, so I haven’t had a chance to prep them.

You are a very opinionated baby.  There are specific ways you want to be held, to be fed, to be put down for bed, for everything.  You love being carried.  I tried using the sling and the wrap a few times this month, and you screamed.  I think you might have taken it if I made you stay longer, but you really prefer being held.  You only want Mommy or Daddy when you are tired and cranky.  When you’re in a good mood, you will go to anyone.  At a church supper this month, you got passed around, and loved all the attention that was showered on you.  You were especially fond of Nate, the pastor’s son.  He made faces at you, and you just smiled away at him.  You also really loved your Aunt Elizabeth this past weekend—you and Ollie both were big fans of hers.

You grab onto toys with your right hand and hold on.   You like to pull one of the toys on your activity mat down to where it’s at your face.  You like to grab the elephant on your bouncy seat and move it around.  Everything that you get in your hands goes straight to your mouth—especially fabric, like your burp cloths and blankets.  You rip a handful of my hair out at least once a day, and I often have to groom you to get my hair off of you…partly because you pull it out, and partly because it’s falling out. 

  You slobber all the time.  I am so often covered in your drool, and about once a day you spit up all over one of us.  You are a pretty good night sleeper, but a horrible napper.  We have talked about changing the curtains in your room to see if that helps.  You like to lay out and kick and move and talk.  You have found your voice, and it’s loud.  Ollie likes to lay next to you, and you usually kick or punch him.

You are a lot of fun, bitty, and we love you so much!  We love getting to know you and see your little personality start to form.

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Anonymous said...

I miss my little boy so much!!! He is changing so much in his looks, please ask him to slow down so grandma can see her baby on Sunday. Love the pictures:)